China Eliminates Console Restrictions: Which Company Benefits Most?

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are in a constant regional battle to sell units. What will the recent end to the China Console restriction do for the big three?

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avengers19781203d ago

All benefit equally since they're available there. Plus it's a huge population so this is wins all around. How much this will increase sales for consoles remains to be seen.

vanity291203d ago

Majority of the people cant afford consoles plus online subscription. And pc gaming is big there so i dont see either making a big impact. Think japan with its mobile and handhelds for example.

NatureOfLogic_1203d ago

That's not how it works in the real world. Everything is not equal and that's not what the article is asking. Clearly Sony benefits more from this than MS. PS4 outsold Xbox One there in half the time.

MSBAUSTX1203d ago

I am partial to MS personally but I agree with you. No one can deny that PS is selling more and is more popular. If China was to choose between the two I see them leaning towards the Japanese style of games more than the west. That means they would go PS4 mostly and probably Nintendo 3DS or Wii U after that. If not just staying with PC. Just my personal thoughts.

3-4-51203d ago

Does this mean they will reverse engineer Windows 10, via the XB1 and use it to hack against us ?

equal_youth1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I would love to see how we benefit as gamers. When consoles release in China it is only a matter of time until bigger studios will be formed. Maybe we're in for whole new genre of china-games. Love me some Kung-Fu Actiongames :D

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ScorpiusX1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Hope PC and Nintendo handheld continue to dominate.
Hope neither console does anything

STK0261203d ago

Realistically Sony should have more of an advantage, as the Wii-U is unlikely to even make it to China with the NX on the way, and the Xbox One hasn't been able to make much of an impact in its limited release.

The real question however, is whether or not the Chinese will really embrace the current consoles at all. China, just like South Korea, has really shown to be fond of PC gaming. Games like League of Legends and DOTA2 are huge in both of these countries and are still growing. I think it will be very hard for any console to break this culture in China, mostly since gaming, both on PC and consoles is more and more focused on online communities. Unless your group of friends all decide to buy a console, you are less likely to get one yourself, and more likely to simply keep playing with them on whatever you were playing before.

It's somewhat similar to what happened a few years ago between World of WarCraft and pretty much all the other MMOs on the market. People played WoW thanks to its huge community, and weren't interested in investing in another potentially better MMO since not everyone was on board, but everyone was on WoW.

Good luck to all three platform manufacturers, but I think we might have to wait a few years before any of them make a significant gain in this huge market.

GamerCheese1203d ago

Insightful! What happens when a small percentage makes the jump to a console? Do you think there's enough capital to change the mindset of those casual PC gamers looking for more?

showtimefolks1203d ago

I believe every console has an equal opportunity. I have always looked at China and India and thought to myself that even if 10 percent of people buy consoles in both countries that's a huge market