Did Fans Overreact to the Street Fighter V Beta-Blunder

The Street Fighter V beta issues are par for the course. It's the complete blow-up within the fighting game community that seems just a bit off.

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tinynuggins1205d ago

Coming soon to N4G.... Did the media over react to fans over reacting to the SFV beta blunders. Stay tuned for news as it breaks!

Sevir1204d ago

It's the internet, everyone overreacts

Anorexorcist1204d ago

And the quaint thing about the internet is that typically the people that really overreact to something are also the people that are least directly affected by it.

blackblades1203d ago

So true, these people was acting like it was the real game. At the end of the day it's a beta the the actual game and I believe apologize for the issues.

LordMaim1203d ago


medman1204d ago

I get the disappointment....but it's a beta!!! Better to iron out issues now, that way hopefully no issues on full release.

Transporter471204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Goddamn betas not working. Why release a beta if it's not going to work? Seriously, what is wrong with crapcom for releasing this garbage. /s

Nothing wrong with a beta not working. They are betas for a reason.

Mkai281204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Indeed, a beta is a build of a game they send to its community to report problems in the game if there are any.. However, how can you report problems/glitches in the game if you can't play the beta?

It may aswell been a server beta..:(

Transporter471204d ago

They already establish that there will be another beta. People did play the Beta, but they did not play it as long as they hoped for.

RosweeSon1204d ago

Gamers... Overreacting?! Never ;)

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