Hideo Loves Me, Hideo Loves Me Not

I’ve been through my fair share of messy break-ups, and this nasty business with Konami and Hideo Kojima are like flashbacks to every single one.

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ZeroSkerbo1182d ago

This article brings up some great points. Are we doing the right thing by picking MGSV up? I will be regardless but it sucks that the action of doing so could be looked at in so many different ways.

Summons751182d ago

Of course we are doing the right thing by picking it up. Show Konami that we support Kojima, show them all the sales the could have with Silent HIlls and the genius they are tossing curbside. Then when Konami makes a new MGS THEN no one buys it and they'll realize the mistake they made.

spacedelete1182d ago

stupid logic is stupid. MGSV is Konami's last big budget console game. after that they will either just remaster the old MGS games or stop making console games games and go full mobile with maybe PES as their only release.

if you want to hit Konami where it hurts you need to boycott MGSV. the game must have been very expensive for them as its been in development for years as well as being on 4 platforms rather than one like MGS4. by buying the game you are rewarding Konami for Kojima's work as Kojima won't get anymore money, royalty or bonuses.

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Irishguy951182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Kojima doesn't get royalty or bonuses already

Just sayin.

I dunno, i'm sure buying the game will help Kojima. Buying it will help Konami.

Not buying it will hurt both of them.

Buying the game shows Kojima made a great that got great sales(yet again). Just for himself you know? Konami can hide it all they want, everyone in the industry know who made the game. Support Kojima imo

MPScrimshaw1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I still think this whole thing is a hoax to drum up publicity. The whole thing is convoluted and confusing, but apparently interesting to a large group of people (just like MGS...) Smells too strongly of Kojima.

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Summons751182d ago

Yes Kojima and Konmai planned them firing Kojima, canceling a major title, attempt to erase all evidence that Kojima and Kojima Productions ever existed to potentially lose investors, waste millions on what they had of Silent Hills and potentially lose millions of sales...just for kicks, you got'em /s

At first sure it could have seemed like a trick but it's gone too far to not to be.

TheZeroReview1182d ago

Might be worth having a look at our friend RagnarRox Video on this exact topic :)

GrimmQuiorra1182d ago

I honestly would've agreed with you...months ago.

Yeah, this is for real though.


Cernunnos1182d ago

This debacle has had serious consequences for shareholders and Konami stock prices, so there is no way this is just some PR stunt.

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shocked6861182d ago

Definitely a tough call for a fan. Buy the game to support Kojima's final MG game or don't buy the game to punish Konami for disowning MG's creator?

Cernunnos1182d ago

We should not let Kojimas last game (for now) flop. We should support this game, and never buy from Konami again in the future.

goldwyncq1182d ago

Hmm, this seems like the type of difficult choice you'd be presented in The Walking Dead game.

Seriously though, every fan should buy the game. Even without his name on the cover, this is still very clearly Kojima's handicraft, and you'd be doing the man a huge disservice if you don't.

rebeljoe141182d ago

Kojima takes a salary from Konami so he makes no extra cash from the game profits