Nintendo’s NX could be the Wii of augmented and virtual reality, predicts one analyst

The advisory firm Digi-Capital thinks that Nintendo may pursue a "blue ocean" strategy with "social" VR and AR games.

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ColManischewitz1178d ago

This would be a fascinating play for Nintendo.

kickerz1178d ago

I actually said Nintendo nx might be a virtual reality thingy ages ago. Be crazy if I was right .. Definitely a possibility.

TRASHBOAT___1178d ago

Nintendo gotta make a powerful machine and support 3rd party games if they wanna beat Sony and Microsoft but I dont believe they will and I dont think they want to do that .
They seem to be pretty comfortable being a family company make their own games and money on the DS and sell toys.
I hope they make a great console because as an industry we need Nintendo to be around.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Even if they do get all the same third party multiplats as the others, what makes you think non-Nintendo gamers will suddenly get an NX for the exact same games they already own on PS4 and XBone?

Just having those games won't increase the userbase.
They need EXCLUSIVES from those big name third parties on top of the multiplats, or they'll just fail to sell again.

deafdani1178d ago

There's more market out there. A PS4 - Xbox One owner won't have a reason to buy a new Nintendo console just for the same third party games they can already have on those consoles, you're right, but there's still people out there that haven't upgraded, and I'd say there's a lot of them. This generation is quite young, after all.

If Nintendo does actually dare to release the NX next year, as unlikely as it may sound, they could have a chance to get their own piece of pie of the current generation that they missed with the Wii U. A lot of late adopters may prefer a NX instead of a PS4 / X1 because of Nintendo's exclusives.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I get where you're coming from, Dani, but what evidence is there that most of the people who haven't upgraded are waiting on the NX?
I don't think brand loyalties are that easily broken, so I have doubts that those who are waiting to upgrade are even considering an NX.

deafdani1176d ago

There's no evidence for that. It would be a bet. Something Nintendo isn't unfamiliar with.


OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1178d ago

wait since when was Nintendo goal was to beat Sony and Microsoft?

Since when was it microsoft or sony too?

BosSSyndrome1178d ago

Since sony and Microsoft started making videogames?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

so you're telling me Nintendo primary goal of existing in the gaming industry is to defeat Sony and Microsoft just like them too but it's not to create games?

This gaming community only cares about console wars, who winning the race and all these irrelevant stuff.

Instead of worrying about the product they are buying from these companies.


uth111178d ago

Sony and Oculus better make a VR bowling game quick! :P

thepatientgamer1178d ago

Please Nintendo. Just make a console, AT LEAST, up to par with the xbox one. I'm sick of all the gimmicks, and i'm sick of backing you first every time, only to be disappointed by the power of the system, lack of third party support, and the inevitable disrespect you receive from a community that is trying its hardest to love you.

Its time you listened to what I want for a change, rather than assuming that I'll like something else. You know what assuming does...

GordonKnight1178d ago

Their next consoles needs to be more power than the PS4.

kakashi811178d ago

This I agree with. 3.2 GFLOPS would be nice.

KeplerNoMore1178d ago

The AMD deal they recently made came along with a statement that it will not be as powerful as the PS4 or even the Xb1.

ssj3jp1178d ago

I think nintendo is going to merge their handheld & console lines. There's a lot of confusion by casual game consumers that the wii u gamepad is a handheld or that it can just be purchased to upgrade a wii to a wii u. If they release the nx for 400$ & nintendo fans are getting their handheld & home console in one box it will sell well maybe not as well as the wii but well. I'm all for their next handheld to be a single touch screen & rid of the 3d mode. If its powerful enough to emulate wii u games, it'll be more powerful than the ps4 or xbox one which makes sense since it'd be releasing half way through those systems life cycles.

avengers19781178d ago

How does being able to emulate Wii U games, make it more powerful than the PS4 or XB1... I won't say that it won't be more powerful but no specs are available to compare yet.

deafdani1178d ago

To emulate a piece of hardware, the emulating hardware needs to be much, much more powerful than the hardware it's trying to emulate. This is a basic emulation rule.

So, if a new Nintendo console emulates Wii U games, instead of running them natively because of similar architecture, then yeah... you can bet it would be way more powerful than a PS4. A PS4 isn't capable of emulating Wii U games.

That being said, I don't think even high end computers can emulate Wii U games right now. Last I checked, there was still serious trouble emulating PS3, so forget about Wii U. Nintendo's next console, no matter how powerful it is, won't be able to emulate Wii U games. Either it has a similar but improved architecture that allows for native backwards compatibility, or they lose it completely. It's as simple as that.

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