24 Hours With The Street Fighter V Beta

Sean Halliday of writes:

''I sat on my rickety old office chair, peering at the screen. Why isn’t it downloading as fast as it should be?! Bloody BT, this bloody connection is awful, look at it!!! slowly downloading. Time passes, the Beta is downloaded, the installation commences…I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!''

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Psygnosis3331205d ago

Out of topic ,sorry
Spiritual successor of Roll Cage is comming aka GRIP
Why there is no articles about it ? :(

PixelGateUk1205d ago

Because i'm trapped in a 9-5 job and a world of warcraft subscription

cheameup1205d ago

Same experience I had in Australia.

I know it's a beta and I expect bugs , balancing issues , bad connections . But outside of USA it was invite only. They controlled the numbers. How can servers be overloaded if you decide how many people play? Only with extremely bad planning.