Would Timed Exclusivity Deals for Big Multiplatform Games Be A Good Idea For Microsoft and Sony?

We’ve all seen it, “exclusive content coming first to X console”. We see it now with Call of Duty exclusivity being bought by Playstation, giving all PS4 owners all DLC a month before Xbox players get access to it. It’s debatable whether or not this is a good idea for gaming, as it can leave some customers feeling left behind when no one cares about the new content as it’s been out for a month, but it can give the other console a leg up in terms of sales if they decide to push the right game. So the real question is… What if the next Call of Duty came out exclusively on Playstation for a month before Xbox players even got access to it?

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Fro_xoxo1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Yes, for the company and the audience of which the deals are in favor of. It will continue to happen throughout the gen.

One might as well get use to it.

Those with multiple platforms are covered ^_^. .

How does a company benefit from it?
look at the recent Batman Bundle..

nX1180d ago

No, this practice simply should't exist, it's money used for marketing that could've been used for game development. This, of all things they've done, is probably the worst thing Microsoft brought to this industry.

Neonridr1180d ago

Sony doesn't seem to have a problem using it.. :P

christocolus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


“is probably the worst thing Microsoft brought to this industry”

Lol. But it was okay when Sony used this same tactics back then, bullying Nintendo and Sega. outspending them to secure timed and full timed exclusives.. Right?they made deals with certain publishers and got exclusive right to certain games.TR, MGS and many iterations of SF were exclusive to their platforms and I remember Soul Calibur 3 being exclusive to PS too.Some PS timed exclusives were released on other platforms after a year. The truth is Nintendo and Sega were no match for Sony financially and Sony knew it and they kept outspending them but they can't play that game with MS. Sony can't play the money game with MS like they did Sega and Nintendo. MS will match and even outmatch them when it comes to spending and securing exclusive deals and Sony knows this. So don't blame MS for introducing timed exclusives. It started a long time before MS joined the game.


Well said

HaydenJameSmith1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Microsoft brought to the industry ? Wow you are either blind, stupid or ignorant cause Sony has been around longer than MS pulling the same deals with third party games on both the PS1 and PS2. So don't go pretending otherwise... Timed Exclusivity was a thing prominently started by Sony and it's one of the reason why PS1 and PS2 were so successful cause they had no competition in software sales and it led to increased hardware sales cause they were the only place to get those games.

@Christ and Neonridr
Exactly and Well Said

On topic yes exclusivity on third party content sucks, whether it be a game, dlc, or whatever... it's been performed by all company so don't make this bout MS are evil moneyhatters and Sony are just saving these games from not being made in the first place cause it's total crap and just double standards...

Ashlen1180d ago

No, no, no, the worst things were DLC and paid on-line.

And you can't forget trying to use a crappy DRM to eliminate used sales.

Pogmathoin1180d ago

wow, and he has 10 bubbles too.... An incredible troll statement... This is nothing new in this industry... long before MS....

OB1Biker1180d ago

Timed exclusive for content or full games are just annoying and don't profit gamers in the least. Moreover when they do pay for timed exclusive the companies should be clear about it and explicitly announce it and not mislead people

thisgamer5031180d ago

Are you like 12? Is this the first gaming generation you're a part of? This tactic was part of Sony's well before MS

NukaCola1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

DLC exclusive content that is not "console exclusive" like Kratos in MK / Master Chief in DOA for example sucks. I like extra stuff, but it is not fair Xbox gets A first and Sony gets B first. Gamers lose out.

What MS is doing with Tomb Raider is one of the biggest douche moves though. They are literally taking a game out of the middle of a series and denying it to everyone when this game is meant to be for everyone. This isn't MS helping develop it. This is not like Nintendo with Bayonetta 2 or Sony with SFV... This is straight up "money bags" thrown at Square because MS does not have an "Uncharted." What is even worse is the X1 has far less systems sold and TR has always sold best on Playstation. By the time is hits PS4/PC it will be bargain bin and other games will take priority. This can really hurt this franchise that has an awesome reboot. On top of that FALLOUT 4 is going to crap all over this game regardless. Shame to see the mess this exclusiveness became.

nX1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


You're not completely wrong but I'm pretty sure the deals Sony had back then (and to this day, see SF5 or Shenmue funding) work a bit differently than the ones Microsoft used during the last 10 years, and they didn't even have half as much of them. Sony usually supports the developers in exchange for proper instead of timed exclusivity and many games wouldn't have been made if not for that. Microsoft however takes games in their late planning stages and buys out the developer (or rather publisher) for strategic reasons, to keep their product away from the competition. Sure this existed in the past but during the last console cycle Microsoft was more agressive than Sony simply because their marketing department is much bigger than their game development - and all that money could've been used to build their own studios and IP's.


Care to give some specific examples, or proper counter-examples for the following deals?

Tomb Raider
Dead Rising
Titanfall / Plants vs. Zombies
Gears Of War (before they finally bought the IP)
Mass Effect / Bioshock / Left 4 Dead

Sunset Overdrive is acceptable as they supported Insomniac from the start instead of just snapping up a planned PS4 release.

This argument could even be extended to smaller deals where the developer complained about the relationship with Microsoft afterwards, and not to even mention how they turned Rare from a respected Nintendo developer into a mediocre Kinect company.

Paid online and all the unnecessary paywalls are pretty anti-consumer as well but at least they added free games to their subscriptions. DLC however has been done much worse by EA, Ubisoft or recently Activision and Warner Bros.

UltimateMaster1180d ago

Why would anyone waste money on timed exclusive?
I ain't gonna increase the number of sales for your console/platform.
Maybe the amount of sold games for the game on that console might increase, at least from those who already own both consoles and are impatient to get them, but never makes it a system seller.
Hell, they should stop buying out 3rd party games.
Focus on 1st party games since it only pisses more people off than anything else.

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TwoForce1180d ago

@Chirstcolus The reality is that you can not fight for everyone. Console War not just caused by fanboy, we are the one who cause the fanboy from start. No matter what we trying to hide our emotions, our anger or our troll.People always call us fanboy anyway . It's the internet, people will use whatever they want. I'm Playstation fan and I'm not afraid to show my true color, but I'm respect Microsoft fans and Nintendo fans. I saw your comments, you're good man, but in the end you and I have our own reason to downplay or defend these companies.

loopygames1180d ago

I just don't like timed exclusive paid DLC or the whole game itself. Either make it exclusive or don't. Everybody is paying the same price and should be treated equally.

If I buy a season pass I shouldn't have to wait an additional 2 weeks or 30 days. If a publisher timed exclusive a whole game, it is just saying your money is not good enough to the other platforms, but I'm still going charge you full price with maybe some extra content.

The only exclusive content that I like are the free ones. I own both consoles and it sometimes makes it easier to decide which one I should buy the game on since I'm getting more value for my $60.

JamesBroski1180d ago

No. Instead of buying deals off third party developers, they should focus on bringing their own franchises with first and second party developers.

showtimefolks1180d ago

I hate the 3rd party exclusives whether it's done by Sony or Microsoft. one fan base is left hanging even though we did support the last entry in the series

nobody wins as a gamer but this word exclusive is fanbiys dream. their drool over anything mentioned as exclusive. who really wins? not the gamers in any way

my opinion maybe in the minority but the fact of the matter is this is really gonna get nasty, ms got tomb raider Sony got steel fight, what's next? as a gamer I want amazing gaming experiences to be enjoyed by as many gamers as possible.

something being exclusive doesn't provide me with extra pleasure or benefits. I hope one day we as gamers just enjoy games without having to worry what is exclusive or not. this is why E3 has become the main platform for this clap lines

oh this has 6 extra missions on ps4
or this will get dlc first

seriously so now we are excited to get dlc first

be gamers not fanbboys. Have some common sense

TwoForce1180d ago

But the questions is, can we stop the console war ? Even we have stop it, there will be a new console war.

showtimefolks1180d ago

that won't change because there are people who log in daily to n4g just to troll and try to piss off as many people as possible

on this site trolls have mutiple accounts

you can not expect others to change we have to learn how to ignore them completely and not pay attention to any of their comments and no replies what so ever

I been on this site for over 8 years and it has only gotten worst. I see same people troll than try to hide and say something positive

I can possibly write a blog naming all the trolls but I don't think they deserve my time. every time I see their comments I want to reply but I don't because they will just hide behind some excuses

bottom liNE we are all gamers and together as a community we can achieve great things but some people just want to say my system is better or my system has better line etc,

JasonKCK1180d ago

Timed exclusives don't really affect me. I wait on most games anyway. My handful of must haves are covered.

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