8 Moments of What The? In Video Games

Developers take their time when creating our most beloved games. They input time, money and creativity to deliver the most stunning and mesmerising games. However, there are moments where; items, characters, choices and other oddities are included for bizarre reasons. From the most unknown little games to the most famous, let’s take a look at a few that have really got our heads scratching!

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GamerGabs1207d ago

So many games have a 'ermm what?' moment. Glad to know I'm not the only one who stops and stares at the screen in confusion for a moment before moving on. Nice list, it made me smile.

Maple221207d ago

I love things like these in games... especially if it is one that isn't that funny. It just makes me chuckle and wonder what other what the? things I can find.

nunley331206d ago

These aren't WTF moments

MrIreland1206d ago

Listing off only the games you played is a wtf moment.
Seriously, no Kojima games??

MrsNesbitt1206d ago

The list would have been a lot larger and only related to MGS games - there are so many! haha

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