Bungie already working on Destiny's “next adventure” for after Taken King

Destiny doesn’t end with The Taken King this September. Hardly a shock, I know. However, what may surprise you is that Bungie already has a team working on content that will hit after The Taken King.

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r3f1cul1204d ago

of course they are, gotta milk that cash cow for all its worth, activisions motto and business model ...

Aenea1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yeah, totally weird they want to make money, who knew businesses were in it for the money!

Septic1204d ago

Pretty naive of me to think that they would want to deliver on their promises first as opposed to doing this to the game:

Aenea1204d ago

@Septic Ahh, the never ending tale of cut content huh?

You did read "... are working on...", yes? Or did your mind change that to "... we are twiddling our thumbs and unlocking the content..."?

Septic1204d ago

"@Septic Ahh, the never ending tale of cut content huh? "

Well you make it sounds like its all fictitious in our head. I must have imagined seeing the Reef in the first few trailers. I must have imagined the complete lack of a proper story in this. And to think, Bungie said this:

"We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars"

Yeah that wasn't content that was cut I guess.

Ah but wait; there's The Taken King which is an expansion that is priced as much as a full game. Its recycling the same enemies but with modifiers. I should be used to that after PoE where they just reversed levels as part of new content and added a horde mode.

"Yeah, totally weird they want to make money, who knew businesses were in it for the money!"

Oh businesses are in it for the money and Bungie/Acti are no different it seems. Shame that they seem to have forgotten about things such as value for money or delivering meaningful, original content worth the extortionate prices they are charging.

spicelicka1204d ago


That picture is perfect!


You're basically what's wrong with the industry.

Aenea1204d ago

@Septic Maybe they were too ambitious, couldn't make everything they wanted in the time (and funds) they had. Wanting to spend more time and money on the base game (and story, I was severely disappointed in the lack of story too) might have meant it would either be scrapped or that they would lose money it. Never of which seem to be outcomes we would be have been happy with either.

The thing is, they probably had something for the Reef, added that stupidly in that early trailer, but couldn't find time to actually finish it before release. You do realise that different people do different things on games, the models were done, the engine can just show them, they already had some scenes of the meagre story at the Reef showing some of it, but to make it all actually playable they needed programmers and designers (I don't mean graphics designers, I mean level designers, game designers, etc.) to put time in it which they either hadn't or thought in the end it wasn't wise to have 2 social places.

I don't know what actually happened. I just think we got a game which was severely lacking in story, but still had quite a bit of content to sink way too much time in. Did it get boring in the end? Hell yes, still think it was worth $60 tho.

I just don't believe publishers are so evil that they are sitting on finished content and cut the finished content from games. Again, seeing the Reef in an old trailer means they were planning it, yes, not that it was finished content or that it was even meant to be released at the beginning, just showing off what they already could show.

You can call me naive for that, but I don't think I am that badly, maybe others just see stuff negatively way too quickly, maybe the truth is actually somewhere in between...

I do agree they are messing things up, The Taken King is $40 but it doesn't add many new things at all, big whoop, a new sub-class, some new weapons of course that will get nerfed into oblivion in a few months. I was hoping for new planets, out of our solar system even, heck those aliens are not from here, they probably are on other planets as well, let's get them! And yes, was also hoping for new enemies, but sadly that is not the case.

I was angry too about that stupid Collector's Edition crap, over those few items that people who were playing from the beginning wouldn't be able to get those unless they spent another $100 or so and even now that they sell it for $20 I'm still pissed, it should be $5 or $10 max. I'm not paying $20 for 9 silly items

@spicelicka Actually, people like you who like to bitch and moan and be obnoxious to others who have different view points is what's wrong with humanity.

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AnotherProGamer1204d ago

Is adding new content for their userbase a bad thing now?

Cra2yey31204d ago

Once i platinum it. I just might sell it. Just might.

Dabigsiebowski1204d ago

This game is for teens with their moms credit card. It's sad and frankly disgusting how pathetic this game really is when you take a step back and look at the product for what it really is. Bungie better take 3 or 4 years (which they wont) on Destiny 2 and actually deliver a full quality game and remembers that gamers "used" to treasure them for the packages they delivered before.

Tedakin1204d ago

Oh man....... can't wait.............

die_fiend1204d ago

Destiny 2 has massive potential to be a great game, but they need to change a lot of things about the first.

But given they've spent the last 12 months milking that cow dry, I wonder if there's enough people working on the new game.

opoikl1204d ago

Do you know if Destiny 2 is going to be cross gen?

die_fiend1204d ago

They always said they'd look at sales for old gens and consider. Hopefully they don't, that way the 2nd one might actually live up to the hype.

CBaoth1204d ago

I doubt it. Destiny 2 will probably be announced by mid 2016 with a spring/summer 2017 launch the earliest. Last gen systems, 360 and PS3, will be 12 and 11 years old respectively by then.

Plus, as an example, Bungie's Rob Adams admitted they had removed nearly half of the Cosmodrome's hangar size due to last gen systems. Who knows how much content had to be stripped away to make it work.

Given the amount of justifiable criticism over the paltry content of the season pass, I have to believe Bungie and Activision will want to avoid the spotlight and come out swinging. I gotta believe they'll check all the right boxes because the next 8 years is on the line if they screw up. And most of Activision's half-billion dollar investment with it.

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