Rare(ish) Marth Amiibo available from £9.92

Dealspwn: Been looking for a Marth Amiibo? Well, Amazon Prime members, stop watching Mad Men for five minutes and grab one of these for just £9.92. Non-Prime members can pick up one for £11.95.

I'm pretty sure the Marth Amiibo was rare at some point. Not as much nowadays apparently as they can be found on ebay for between £15 and £20. Naturally, this Amazon deal is the best option by far as they're selling them under the RRP. And they won't be some dodgy knock-off with droopy faces.

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higgins781203d ago

ALL Amiibo will become available at RRP and less, its just a matter of patience. DON'T let scalpers prosper, please. These toys are supposed to be fun, use them as intended, NOT as a means to transforming into Gollum.