Square Enix talks PS4 and Xbox One performance, leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 behind

Doom and gloom was the talk of many industry analysts in 2012 and heading into the year of 2013, as many people were cursing gaming with the end of living room consoles. The Wii U was struggling in its first few months and the other two had yet to unveil or announce new consoles. Even with that, it didn't take long for the tides and tones to change.

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Zero1091180d ago

They need to be left behind. Progress needs to continue. Imagine what Watch Dogs and Destiny would have been had they not been held back by last gen hardware. Either way, I can't wait to see FFXV at Gamescom!

deathtok1179d ago

Prettier graphics don't improve gameplay or storylines.

SoapShoes1179d ago

No but it would free up dev time. Not having to focus on two other systems could significantly change the game given they take advantage of the extra time.

Oner1179d ago

If a company wants to support however many consoles they want, then they should dedicate the proper amount of time needed to do the game right (on all) and not blame it on how many consoles are out there...remember it was their choice to support "X" amount of consoles to begin with. So they ultimately only have themselves to blame when it comes to time allocation.

deathtok1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Agree with both SoapShoes and Oner. Taking the OP's post at face value, it's a fallacy. I'm indifferent about these two games but it applies to all. A great game will be great or not regardless of the hardware targeted.

For the examples named we likely would have gotten the same exact games but with a higher resolution, higher or more consistent FPS and improved textures. None of which really change the core of a game so if you liked them or not, the platform wouldn't have changed opinions.

Zero1091179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

That's my point. That's what happens with cross gen games. Destiny/WD/BF4/Dragonball XV/Far Cry 4/Sport games etc all "only" have a higher res/graphics/60fps on X1/PS4.

Look at every next gen only games such Arkham Knight/Bloodborne/TW3/Dying Light/UC4/Horizon 0D etc. None of that would have been possible on last gen. They didn't waste time/resources on last gen hardware (which is the base for development on cross gen games).

You'd have to be foolish to think we would have gotten "the same game but prettier" (which is what happens with cross gen games) had it been next gen only. Hardware directly translates to the amount of chars on screen/res/fps/lightning/shado ws/extra particle effects/char models/no loading screens/map sizes/AI and so much more.

Just look at Arkham Knight/Witcher 3/UC4/AC Unity (look at it now and not compared to it's launch but the working version) compared to it's predecessors. All vastly superior games and focusing on just the new hardware changed that.

OB1Biker1179d ago

Actually gameplay and storyline can be improved in many ways and good graphics (particularly animations and lightning) contribute to better, more enjoyable gameplay and it's also true for good sound tracks.

deathtok1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )


Foolish is a bit of a stretch... so let's agree to disagree. I think we could go bout for bout for a long time and still have different takes.

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FallenAngel19841180d ago

Square Enix of all people should be the last publisher talking about leaving an old platform to die. PS1 and PS2 received plenty of support from them in their latter years, and PS3 should be no different.

stragomccloud1179d ago

No they didn't. They received more support from other publishers. Not from Sony, with the exception of the first Killzone game, I believe. Once new hardware is out, Sony effectively abandons ship; Nintendo too.

LordMaim1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

What are you talking about? The last Sony game released on PS2 came out March 8, 2011. MLB 11:The Show. That's four and a half years after the PS3 release.

FallenAngel19841179d ago

No Sony has been known to get support for their consoles even when tine successor is on the market

wakeNbake1179d ago

Last gen need to die already it lasted the length of two average gens.

Furesis1179d ago

that's a horrible reason lol how about how behind the consoles were getting from PC gaming maybe that's a better reason. or maybe how a new console would bring them more money?

spacedelete1179d ago

last gen getting no more AAA games from here on it only sports and lego games and maybe a few dirty ports of COD. don't expect any God Of War 2 type situation .

SoapShoes1179d ago

It is still getting AAA games it's just most are also on PS4 and Vita.

22CobraKing1179d ago

They only reason why some are still on last gen like cod is because theirs is still millions that play and haven't moved in to ps4 or Xbox 1. They want to make $$$.

LifeInNZ1179d ago

You say that like its a bad thing.

BlackPanther1179d ago

Well they are a company... Who would have thought.

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