The Horror Genre: My Five Favourites

Chris White of We The Nerdy reminiscences about five of his favourite horror titles ever.

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DarkOcelet1179d ago

Alan Wake and Bloodborne werent exactly horror games. Nonetheless, it was great that you added Dino Crisis. It was really an awesome game that is in dire need of a Remake.

Capcom seriously needs to look at what Square Enix is doing right now because they are on a roll.

Scrivlar1179d ago

I never got a chance to play Dino Crisis, Dead Space, or Fear. I'd love a remake of all of them but of course it wont happen. I feel it's too late to go back and try Dino Crisis but I might still give Dead Space and Fear a go.

Omnisonne1179d ago

I could definitely recommend Dead Space, they still hold up really well. Especially DS2

Shazz1179d ago

Dino crisis is amazing and I still have it in my ps1 collection :)