SOMA Has Been Inspired By Doom 3, Bioshock, Spec Ops: The Line & Silent Hill

DSOGaming writes: "Frictional Games’ SOMA is one of our most highly anticipated indie horror games of 2015. Powered by the HPL Engine, SOMA is coming to the PC this September and when it first proper gameplay footage surfaced, the game’s environment immediately reminded us those of Doom 3. As Thomas Grip, Creative Director and co-founder of Frictional Games, told us, SOMA has been inspired by Doom 3, Bioshock, Spec Ops: The Line and Silent Hill."

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TwoForce1182d ago

Oh Wow ! That's very cool !

DarkOcelet1182d ago

Yeah, it is. Its great they are inspired by Silent Hill.

Hopefully this game does have a some seriously scary moments like P.T.

_-EDMIX-_1182d ago

By the Amnesia devs.....noof said. They do horror with great respect and only a very small number or developers do I ever say that about. MOST that do horror imho do it pretty bad, only a very, very small select few do the genre justice and with great care.

Horror always reminds me of just how young gaming still is, to have a genre in which only a handful are even masters at, shows you just how much gaming is still in its infancy.

Its even rare to have a developer out of seemly no where out doing the masters in a genre that has been dominated by a select few.

Be on the look out for Soma if you like horror, this team does it right.

(along with The Chinese room)

_-EDMIX-_1182d ago

Agreed. If this fall wasn't so packed, I would have picked this up day 1 on PS4 or PC (likely PS4 though).

The devs behind Amnesia do some amazing work, its been a while since a horror game that wasn't Silent Hill scared the crap out of me, they have my respect. I will very much pick up Soma next year though once I have the free time, we have a packed year coming up and I hope I get the time to do a once over on this title, wish it got more coverage.

Also hope we get a Morpheus and Oculus Rift support!

DarkOcelet1182d ago

This is a reply to your above comment since i cant directly reply to you :)

I have played every single one of Frictional Game's games.

Amnesia had some seriously creepy and scary moments and i know this will be epic.

All i am saying is i hope they give us something as intriguing/mysterious/effed up as P.T lol.

I cant wait to play this.

_-EDMIX-_1182d ago

Agreed. They are taking lots of influences with this next title. Good to see that horror fans are getting great titles now days.

Xavior_Reigns1182d ago

That's a great list of games to be inspired by!

1182d ago
PowerPlayaaa1182d ago

The ps4 is releasing game after game, even though some games is coming to pc aswel,been crazy since Feb, and Stil people doubt that the ps4 aint got no games this holiday season.
It's been literally dropping games all year long.
It's 12 months in a year, not just 3 ;-)
Can't wait til I try this baby out, looks very promising :-)

DigitalRaptor1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Really can't wait for this.

Whilst certain folks are looking to discredit this game or even the platform because it isn't a big budget AAA release, I'm up for exploring the intriguing concepts hidden within this experience.

Really hope SOMA delivers in a greater way than Amnesia did. Oh... and Amnesia was a huge success on PC, so it matters not if the game is indie developed or what its budget is, it's about the experience delivered. I'm hoping this game gives similar vibes to all these listed games, because they're all fantastic inspirations to have.

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