What Does Inafune's Presumptuous and Disingenuous Red Ash Kickstarter Say About Gamers?

Grab It examines the fine print on the Red Ash Kickstarter and discusses what it say about the games that gamers actually want from modern day devices.

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SlappingOysters1178d ago

I definitely agree that gamers aren't - on mass - voting with their wallets the way they make out they are.

Jimboms1178d ago

Yea, seems more like he just wants money, but this game would be pretty cool on PS4 and maybe that's all he's thinking.

Macka10801178d ago

It just seems like the way Red Ash is being sold is pretty insidious. They're running another Kickstarter in parallel for an anime set in the same universe too, an 18 minute animation for $150,000. The overconfident attitude seems real shady.

shipnabottle1178d ago

Tough call backing a kickstarter that hasn't seen the light of day yet (and wasn't it just delayed too?) with another kickstarter.

I'm probably a bit old school but I'm a bit disillusioned with the whole kickstarter process, it seems a bit backwards to me.

I want to see a product first and be able to judge it on its merits/value, and maybe even be marketed to not as a concept but as something I can go and buy (or download), as opposed to being sold a promise of an idea yet to be fulfilled.

Feels a bit too much like playing the futures markets or gambling on how well someone sold me an intangible dream they had.

Macka10801178d ago

I agree. It's a market for personalities, rather than game ideas. Oftentimes people are backing projects on the strength of a name and a face, rather than a promising concept. Not exactly the best way to encourage creativity.

rdgneoz31178d ago

There have been some games that have gotten the funding they deserved as a result of showing actual work that was done before the money begging. One that comes to mind is the game Shiness by a French studio.

When the kickstarter went up, they had a trailer, detailed information about the battle system, characters, world, crafting, sample animations, and only asked for 100k to launch...

Inagune should launch Mighty no. 9 first before trying to beg for money, since he hasn't even released when fans backed initially.

freshslicepizza1178d ago

the thing is some publishers refuse to fund projects so they resort to this. makes sense in a time where budgets are so high and they don't like to take much risks. just look at how many sequels and me too type games we get. that's why this new generation of consoles is a bit underwhelming so far with the lack of new ip's that are actually any good.

inafune should not be going back to kickstarter so fast, his current project should be out first. that we we can grade how well he delivers before supporting any new games.

Monkey5211178d ago

I always feel conflicted about the whole "release x game before trying to fund y game." I get it from a consumer perspective, but in the developer world, job security is only guaranteed as far as there is funding. Usually companies search for funding ahead of time, so they know what they will be working on next. For that reason alone, I think people shouldn't make as big of a deal about them figuring out their next steps as a company, especially with Mighty No. 9 releasing soon.

MilkMan1178d ago

Not sure if Kickstarter would work for someone like Kojima. I wonder if gamers would bestow on him 500 mill plus so that he can make the kind of games hes is used to. Besides it would NOT be Metal Gear that's for sure, it would be something totally new.
So that's also a question mark.

It would be interesting to know if he can produce the same high quality games with much less.

This should be good.

Macka10801178d ago

I'd be interested to know how much it cost to make Kojima's less well-known games, like Snatcher and Police Quest. They were still quite unique, albeit not as much as Metal Gear, and I can't imagine they were exorbitantly expensive. I'd really like to see him push the boundaries of a limited budget. Quirky ideas don't have to be expensive.

TheOtherVitaOwner1178d ago

Kojima started out developing for the MSX, I'm sure the man knows how to work with a small budget. (Provided no one in the AAA industry is smart enough to give Kojima his own studio and a huge ass budget)

SaveFerris1178d ago

That was back then. But could Kojima really go back to creating a lower budget game and would fans accept it?

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