Shenmue II Gets Spanish Voices in New Patch

Shenmue II now has Spanish voices on Xbox and Dreamcast, thanks to some fan patching.

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Jimboms1178d ago

Glad to see there's support.

knifefight1178d ago

Que divertido!

Always glad to see new audiences get new features. And great to see fans passionate fans who are willing to do it themselves. Really admirable.

ApolloTheBoss1178d ago

Might as well give us a HD remake then.

SULTAN_41178d ago

man the youtube video for this uploaded on 2012 March22

knifefight1178d ago

That's the trailer for the sample, when the project began.

The patch was completed just recently.

SULTAN_41178d ago

so in other words you mean the patch took 4 years and 4 months to complete it !!?

knifefight1178d ago

And came 14 years after the game's initial release. :)

Some seriously dedicated fans worked for a really long time on this.