5 Great Windows 10 Features for Gaming

MWEB GameZone writes: "Windows 10‬: Gaming benefits, warnings, DirectX 12, list of games you can play, cannot play & those what will give you issues.

Everything about Windows 10 for gamers right here."

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DesVader1204d ago

As soon as they let me, I am upgrading! :)

TFJWM1204d ago

Laptop is getting upgraded Day 1.My gaming PC on the other hand...

4Sh0w1204d ago

All the feedback I've heard from those who are using the preview version has been very positive so I'm excited to try it on my new laptop on the 29th.


Same here. Such a geek that I am looking foward to this.

I_am_Batman1204d ago

I'll probably wait for the first service pack. If the feedback is positive and there are no major security gaps I might upgrade even before that though.

Perjoss1204d ago

Its always smarter to wait a bit

uth111204d ago

I'm waiting, maybe I'll upgrade my old work laptop that seems to be victim of an annoying Windows 7 bug, and hopefully Win 10 resolves the problem once and for all

styferion1204d ago

I'll wait for reviews before upgrading

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FarEastOrient1204d ago

Was the Total War series and Final Fantasy XIV games tested? I didn't see them on the list, anyone having a problem?

HanCilliers1204d ago

Check the link in the article, they all mentioned in full list

TWB1204d ago

So I just want to make this clear since I have heard conflicting information.

Once you have updated to Windows 10, its permanently yours? Even after that one year has passed (which is only the download perioid)?

Also, Quake 3 doesnt work? Fk. I guess I need to play some of my other old games before upgrading because Im sure that they will also stop working (No One Lives Forever 2 was a nightmare to set up. It doesnt even work on my 2007 Vista laptop)

SunnyZ1204d ago

You have 1 year to upgrade your copy of windows 7/8.1 to windows 10. Then after you have done so it is yours forever. If you miss the 1 year mark, you can no longer upgrade for free.

You can then download a copy of the OS from the MS site, burn it to a DVD so you have an install disk.

Then your CD key is no longer needed.
Your copy of windows is now registered to your Microsoft account. So if you need to do a fresh install, install it from your disk, and just login to your MS account to activate your copy.

Easy as.

TWB1204d ago

That sounds good. Im still going to wait a while though until my family updates their Windows 8 machine to 10 so I can make up my mind easier.

You said that the CD key is no longer needed. I wonder if I could transfer my Windows 7 to my Vista laptop afterwards because I think 7 might be a little lighter to the machine?

I doubt though. It would still be great. I got my Windows 7 pre installed on the machine itself so I dont have instal discs or anything.

Volkama1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Quake 3 works for me with Windows 10 and nVidia. Happened to test it just a couple of days ago. And it is still brilliantly playable as ever.

I will say Quake 3 didn't used to work on Windows 8 with my AMD setup (the AMD to nVidia swap is the reason I fired it up to check).

Word of warning for AMD users, there is a quite crummy driver that Windows 10 will automatically try to install, despite being several point releases out of date (15.2 I think). I have 2 Windows 10 machines, and this driver caused numerous problems on 1 of them.

The compatibility testing on this website may be influenced by that bad driver (at least 1 of them is testing with AMD).

TWB1204d ago

Awesome! I think it was also partially because I have heard AMD has pretty subpar Open GL drivers which is why Quake 3 tends to not run properly.

I have GTX 560 ti and it has ran Quake 3 wonderfully so I guess Im not gonna face any issues on that front.

Volkama1204d ago

Yeah don't hunt me down if you have problems, but it was fine for me :)

Choc_Salties1204d ago

the licensing deal pretty much the same as previous windows versions - if you're licensed now on an existing machine, you can use windows 8 on it for as long as that machine continues to exist. If you buy a new machine in a week, and it has windows 8.1 on that, you can upgrade it. Later on, you'll be buying Windows 10 like you've been buying an OS in the past... as I understand it.

Shuckylad1204d ago

I'm tempted to dive right in, but I think I'm gonna wait until the new year to install it on my win 8.1 gaming rig incase there's anything that needs smoothing out first. I'll put it on our win 7 laptop first just to get familiar with it.

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