Street Fighter V beta extended after terrible start

Dealspwn: Many gamers (including most of the Dealspwn team) were planning on getting stuck into the PS4 beta for Street Fighter V over the weekend, but those plans were scuppered by Capcom mere minutes into launch. On Friday afternoon, the fighting game's beta was taken offline for maintenance and has struggled to get back online throughout the weekend.

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gantarat1205d ago

imagine if happen on launch Day,people will be riot.

Loadedklip1205d ago

Well to be fair ... this is why testing is good.

spacedelete1205d ago

it will be broken on release day as well. just because they have a beta it doesn't mean the retail release won't suffer the exact same problems. people forget Battlefield 4 also had a beta before release and that was one of most broken games this gen. Betas are just marketing tactics just like how companies delay a game they want you thinking they are improving it when in fact that was probably the original release date. people fall for it as well. time and time again.

bouzebbal1205d ago

"Unable to play Sterrt Fighter V (beta)" is the message i'm getting.
I can't even make it to main screen anymore.

FoxyGotGame1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Agree.. @abzdiine >Same for me (UK)< ....and @spacedelete, you're such a positive & helpful little chappie aren't you ...good to know there are Gamer's like you out in the wild s/

Baka-akaB1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Repeating crap ad nauseum doesnt magically make it true . We heard you the prvious dozen other times and you're not shy about what you think of the game anyway , beta or not .

It's your right to dislike it of course , but what's the point of stalking it then ?

Eonjay1205d ago

It will be fine. There are at least two more betas anyway so it will be fine by launch. Glad they are extending it.

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DEEBO1205d ago

Thank you lord!my 10yr old was going nuts about how bad this beta was going.

I felt bad for him but this will help.

likeaboss3021205d ago

It would be smart to run the Beta all the way up until launch for those with a preorder. It's better testing than any in house team could ever provide.

DrRobotnik1205d ago

Come launch, if you have to take power from other servers being utilized by other cap com games, then so be it.

DFray9191205d ago

i dont get it. i wanted to play the beta just to get in practice mode! not play online and get crushed. dont understand why i couldnt even do this.

pompombrum1205d ago

Because it was an online beta to test the servers not a demo for you to get to try out the game.

Gohadouken1205d ago

Because the whole point was to go online . And it's useless anyway to practice hard for a game still in a state prone to changes and rebalance .

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