Your Destiny Guardian will be with you for all ten years

Destiny is a game that will evolve over ten years - and players will be pleased to know that their Guardians will be with them until the end. There will be no need to switch characters between expansions or the inevitable sequel-style updates that will come over the coming decade.

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Sureshot3275d ago

Really? Pretty sure mines on a shelf at EBGames

Der_Kommandant3275d ago

You've earned your bubble good sir.

Eiyuuou3275d ago

Alright peeps, bubble this guy up!

Lord_Sloth3275d ago

Technically no since your character is server side. Your disc is on a shelf but your character is with Bungie.

BoNeSaW233275d ago

Really? Please explain more. Technically. -__-

Gazondaily3275d ago

This is why you're not invited to parties!

LAWSON723275d ago

I could have swore it was on a server. This is not a DS game where your games are saved on a cartridge

Peace_Love_and_FPS3275d ago

The 3DS needs a memory card though...

joab7773275d ago

No worries. At some point, you will be able to accomplish what took everyone else 2 yrs in less than a month. Love mmo's. They always have to provide a quicker route for newer ppl.

Crazay3275d ago

HAH! Well played sir. I was going to say my guardian is going to pretty damn lonely without me being around to keep him company cause I shipped that dink off ages ago.

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ZaWarudo3275d ago

That's neat. I plan on buying the game when i get my PS4.

ThunderPulse3275d ago

Its a good game if you have all the DLC.

Yui_Suzumiya3275d ago

Yeah I'm starting with the Legendary Edition that has everything :3

Halo2ODST23275d ago

Let me rephrase that for you:
It's a much better game if you have the DLC.
the point is, that even with the dlc, the game still has some core issues to work out. Gunplay may be great, But what about every other aspect?

OverdosedWitDopeness3275d ago

A little advice if u play lots of fps do not play COD or bf first!! Otherwise this game feels incredibly slow and sluggish in comparison, also u can't turn very fast for some reason. But once used to it there's great gameplay and pvp.

masterfox3275d ago

Cool I guess, will dust off my guardians when this game becomes interesting again.

paul-p19883275d ago

I doubt my guardians will be leaving the 1st game, especially after buying the season pass and now being told I need to pay extra to get the next DLC (Which, btw, is more than I actually paid for the base game!). The lack of base content and effectively hiding content behind the DLC paywall has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Annoyingly I did enjoy the game to start with, now it just collects dust on my virtual shelf lol

LAWSON723275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Yeah, meanwhile BF4 is like $10-15 and premium is $50.

I could say the same for so many games. If I recall WoW is $60 each expansion, yet I can spend much less like $80 for everything. DLC is expensive and Destiny is not so outrageous to the point where it deserves the attention.

A-stil_Tv3275d ago

No you can get the premium one with the all the dlc's on disc for like $25 to