The Big Splatoon Update Arrives on August 6

The big Splatoon update arrives on August 6, bringing new team modes and weapons, with a period of scheduled maintenance taking place days prior.

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nintendo_fan_4life1276d ago

The full details for the Splatoon August update were released after this submission, and can be read here:

The update includes an increased level cap, two new matchmaking modes, two new weapon types, and plenty of new gear.

R00bot1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

That's awesome. Can't wait to try out those new weapons and buy ALL THE GEAR.

Nerdmaster1276d ago

When I saw the previews and videos, I didn't really believe this game would be good. But I tried it this weekend on a friend's Wii U and it's the most fun I had in a long time. And it's the first and only game that I truly liked playing online.

gerbwmu1276d ago

Will this lead to a small spike in Splatoon and Wii U sales? It is a very healthy update that some would say, finally completes the game.

Can't wait to test out the new weapon classes

N4g_null1275d ago

The sales don't matter. This game is a sin to miss if you are not casual. Dont let the hate get to ya. I play Japanese gamers all of the time and win, with no net problems at all. Get your ranks up and you won't see the issues noobes are having.

N4GJD1276d ago

If only they would add regional matchmaking, then maybe, it would actually be playable on any sort of competitive level. There is just no legitimacy in this game with it's atrocious netcode.

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