Is This The Most Sadistic Game Ever Made?

The sight of a beautiful woman is enough to lure any man, but imagine one that can set off a series of horrifying death-inducing traps one after the other – just to make sure you’re toast.

That’s who you’ll be playing in Tecmo Koei’s Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess.

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thorstein1203d ago

Not if you've played ThrillKill. This game is pretty tame, though fun.

ErogeMaster1202d ago

You forgot about the spanish donkey.

Hoffmann1203d ago

Never played The Punisher (Playstation 2)?

JoeReno1203d ago

Super fun game. that last boss fight gave me a hell of a time.

Hoffmann1203d ago

I would call it the just best comic to game adaption ever.

JoeReno1203d ago

I remember thinking that the PS3 Punisher game was going to be similar, but it ended up being just a generic FPS. I was so disappointed.

UltraNova1203d ago


This guy should try staying alive for more than 10 minutes let alone beating Demon's/Dark Souls and then rewrite this thing.

phoenixwake1203d ago

Are we taking titling tips from PewDiePie now? Jeez.

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