Metal Gear Solid 1-3's composer might know why Kojima and Konami have split up

Day 91: Silent Hills is still cancelled, Hideo Kojima’s still parting ways with Konami, and we still don’t know why we have been made to suffer like this. However, according to rumours on The Codec podcast, we might be a little bit nearer to the closure our society so desperately needs.

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Irishguy953048d ago

Hahaha the artist versus the business

donthate3048d ago

That is why you need that balance, both business men and developers have to work together.

freshslicepizza3047d ago

sometimes you wonder who is in charge. we see so many games get delayed and we also see many games get released full of bugs and game breaking issues likely because they have time constraints. so there needs to be some balance there and that is likely a good project manager.

i have a suspicion kojima took total advantage of his status. what i would like to see now is him to start up his own company and see how well he does.

FallenAngel19843048d ago

Once again, Kojima had to decide between his business self or his artistic vision. In other words, the mission or his beliefs. Duty to his publisher or his personal feelings.

I for one am glad he choose the right choice even though it'd potentially upset the higher ups. This series deserves to go out on the highest note without cutting any corners.

Lord_Sloth3048d ago

Sort of a parallel to Snake between MGS and MGS2 when he and Otacon founded Philanthropy.

FallenAngel19843048d ago

No this parallels Hideo Kojima more to Big Boss than Solid Snake.

FreddyFazbear3048d ago

Hahaha I knew someone would say that line similar to what the Boss said to Naked snake in MGS3 :). Have a bubble!!

donthate3048d ago

"I for one am glad he choose the right choice even though it'd potentially upset the higher ups. This series deserves to go out on the highest note without cutting any corners."

I disagree with this, but I believe in quality, yet it doesn't need to be completely ridiculous and frivolous spending.

If the artist is recording 30-40 songs, and Kojima doesn't like any of it. The problem is Kojima not giving the proper directions of what he wants. It sounds somewhat of bad management on both ends of the stick. Kojima should get a bonus if the game sells well, and profits x-amount of accounting for their budget. That should hopefully curb Kojima's spending and Kojima should be more mindful of his spending and what the budget allows.

I am a consumer, and of course I want the best game possible, but I also want the gaming business to be a sustainable business!

Revolver_X_3048d ago

So if this Kojima Konami situation is to be believed. Kojima gets salary and no bonus for great sales. So should we still buy MGSV new? lol. Just a joke. But something to think about.

donthate3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Kojima might be the creator of MGS, but Konami is the one funding it all this time.

I think they deserve the sale. There is always two sides to any story.

Support good games, not the developer/publisher!

Revolver_X_3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I get what your saying. I plan on buying the game new, but I've seen many people debate over this. The situation sucks. Its like being friends with a couple when they break up. What do you do? You cant support the game without supporting the publisher. It's just impossible. I think it's just important to note, if this composer is accurate, people can safely buy used without effecting Kojima. If MGSV sold under expectations, analyst's would definitely factor in this whole situation. And this situation being the reason for low sales, would be accurate. You can bet that MGSV will be quality, no question. But how many will tell Konami to shove it with their wallets? I think it's just an interesting topic of discussion. I don't find either side wrong frankly. I can understand the hatred of Konami. It's not the first time they did this. Although Castlevania's Iga is not as known, they locked him away, then sh!tted on his IP when he left. I guess like the guy in the vid said. I can understand budgets, but you should also believe in the IP. Not just the dollars your gonna make from it. Konami and plenty of other publishers seem to have forgotten why they are in this industry anymore. May they all leave and never return, I say.

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Perjoss3048d ago

People like Kojima and companies like Konami simply do not mix well. He needs to work in an environment where nobody will try to limit his creativity.

SpaceRanger3048d ago

Very well said!
Creativity and rules usually mix as well as oil and water. Here's to hoping he keeps that creativity going for future games and gamers to experience!

Naughty_Cloud3048d ago

Then explain how we have managed to get so many great games from Konami and Kojima over the years?? Yes, right now Konami are a very dark shadow of their former selves. But that doesn't mean they weren't responsible of some all time greats.

I personally blame the new CEO. This all happened since his arrival.

rdgneoz33048d ago

Yah, the new CEO is the reason they seem to be trying to go for a more mobile market and getting away from console games.

Before, it seemed they didn't mind him spending money since his works made them money in the end. Now they seem to be penny pinching. The game is going to make them a lot of money, and they have a game engine that should last a while as well. But they'd rather get rid of Kojima and focus on mobile.

Perjoss3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Things have just gotten worse over the years, and will continue to do so until the next video games market crash. You're right, Konami used to be much better but they have not really been primarily a 'traditional video games' company for quite some time, they are much more about the pachinko machines and mobile gaming now, its where they make their money. Jeff Gerstmann said it best on a recent podcast: "Konami doesn't give a f--- about video games"

Vipre773048d ago

This is precisely why I suspect that Kojima is likely to start his own independent studio after he wraps up his work at Konami. I suppose it'll be unfortunate that he won't be able to take any of the IP with him. Probably time for something new anyway.

pivotplease3048d ago

Probably the best bet. I am definitely ready for something new and I'm sure Kojima is too. Who knows what kind of ideas he has pent up in his head. P.T. was amazing and that's not even his genre of expertise.

GranTurismoFan3047d ago

He should start his own studio OR go under Sony which would be easier since Sony will give him everything he needs plus funding for anything he desires.

Sony are notorious for taking risks. Just look at Little Big Planet...quirky game, but became a hit.

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DrRobotnik3048d ago

Good luck making phone games konami, go ask Sega how that worked out.

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DarXyde3048d ago

Realistically, it sounds like Konami had a reason to be upset about Kojima basically bleeding them of money. It's simply business and if they can't afford it, there isn't much they can do. Metal Gear Solid might be my favorite series, but I understand that Konami has other projects and business ventures. We still don't know the budget, but too much into one game is a risk, no matter how you slice it.

On the other hand, Konami needs to share profits. Kojima made these games and trying to remove his identity from his work is disgusting. It's like they are willing to pay him because they have to, but not reward him for successes.

I see both circumstances and there's some justified reasoning from both ends, but I still think Konami could have done more to keep this positive.

Taking this with some salt since it's from an associate of a second-hand source, but it seems right.

I feel Konami is still at fault for handling this the way they did instead of being more approachable. Instead, they went for spite.