Big Booths for Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard, Electronic Arts and More Revealed By Gamescom Floor Plans

Gamescom is just a a little more than a week away, and the detailed floor plans for the halls are now available on the official website, showing where each publisher is located an roughly the size of each booth.

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Gazondaily2366d ago

Bloody ell! Sony has 6 massive areas lol. A lot of real estate for someone not having a conference there! Mind you, their section will be packed.

Sureshot2365d ago

That's pretty strange.. I love watching conferences from the Big 3. Even as a self admitted xbox fan I'm still genuinely disappointed that Sony won't be doing one.

bouzebbal2365d ago

i have been there two years in a row and it was a good experience. This year i'm going to Paris Games Week to change a bit.

jeremyj29132365d ago

I'm the same way. I'm a PlayStation fan and I always watch Microsoft's conferences. I was really hoping to see Scalebound at E3 so I'm hoping the reason they saved it is because they have a ton to show for it. That could be the game to convence me of the XBox One's worth.

medman2365d ago

They've got plenty to come considering Paris games show, Tokyo game show, and their own playstation event. No worries.

Abriael2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

What they told me is that their show is exclusively dedicated to consumers at Gamescom, so they don't have any media facing presence, and that excludes having a conference, but their booth in the entertainment area is dedicated to consumers, so they still went all out with that.

Their booth in the business area is for actual business meetings, and not for media (in other years their media meetings were actually outside of Gamescom, in a hotel nearby, which was a damn hassle, because they forced you to walk all the way out, pass the turnstiles, then run to this place that was 10 minutes away, then do it all over again when you were done).

So I wouldn't expect much in terms of announcements from them. We might see trailers of stuff we already know, tho.

Gazondaily2365d ago

Yeah that's good because a couple of years back, the queues were absolutely massive at the Sony booths. Even with all these extra booths, they will have massive queues!

BitbyDeath2365d ago

Maybe this will be a big Morpheus push which is why they have so many booths.

kaizokuspy2365d ago

Pretty sure Sony will have more of a physical presence showcasing morpheus so more people can get accustomed to it. I don't really see sony bringing anything new at games con this year

itBourne2365d ago

If so that is good for consumers. I seen some devs tell off the media at the Playstation experience. Which I thought was cool, the killstrain team was especially adamant about it.

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bf0007779662365d ago

Who said that Sony not attend the show

Gazondaily2365d ago

They won't have a presentation liek they normally do. They will be doing a separate show in Paris.

_-EDMIX-_2365d ago

lol, looks like Sony and Activision are trying to buy the show!

The deep lolz. Sucks if they where planning a surprise and now its gotten leaked, but to my understanding, I heard they would be there, just not doing a presentation.

So not sure if this is a reveal or just what they where always planning.

Not sure why folks keep saying Sony won't be there when it was just stated that they wouldn't do a press event.

2365d ago
_-EDMIX-_2365d ago

@shloobmm3- agreed. That is very doubtful. They paid money to be at Paris, clearly they are saving some big news for that event.

showtimefolks2365d ago

i know we will get to see maybe new trailers or demos from sony, but i also hope that we get some info on some of the other European studios under sony

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FallenAngel19842365d ago

Sony has a bigger booth than Microsoft at GamesCon. So much for the naysayers saying that Sony won't have any presence at all within the convention.

littlezizu2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Sony always had most booth in Gamescom and also had most people visiting their booth just check out images and videos of last year.
Funny part is Sony has more than twice the number of booth than microsoft and Sony will again have most booth visit so in a way sony wins Gamescom due to most people visit.

Sureshot2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Maybe the people actually present at Gamescom will think Sony "won". But to the millions watching from home...well booths can only have so much impact.

MRMagoo1232365d ago


The people there will know sony won not think they did.

Ferage2365d ago

' sony wins Gamescom due to most people visit. '
This is literally the dumbest thing i've read on N4G, congratulations.

Riddler892365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Sony wins gamescom due to most people visited because of booth visit lmao... That gave me a good laugh this morning, thanks man

TheXgamerLive2365d ago

Are you being funny or are you just being stupid? BC I don't know the future myself.

Volkama2365d ago

If I were organising Gamescom I'd give Sony the most booth space as well. It's a public event and Playstation 4 is dominating Germany and most of Europe, so that's clearly the area that will need to accommodate the most people.

I'd probably not give so much space to Activision though. Cutting people off from COD and Destiny would be doing them a favour, even if they weren't grateful at the time.

slappy5082365d ago

Or it just means that Sony is willing to shell out more money for floor space?

Gazondaily2365d ago

The fact that people are talking about a winner and based on booth visits, and then people agreeing with such nonsense... painful observing such ridiculous behaviour lmao. The desperate spin has begun already.

At this stage, they could show a Sony branded sock and people would declare them 'winners'.

Volkama2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I'm going to wear a Sony sock and an Xbox sock at the same time. Make a statement.

Now I just need to find a green and blue stripey t-shirt, so that I colour match in so far as my primative man-brain is capable.

Silly Mammo2365d ago

Why would you only wear Sony socks? Everyone knows real footwearers own socks by all 3. I mean why limit yourself...

Volkama2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Well yeah of course you have socks for all 3, but most of us only have 2 feet. And let's face it, the red Nintendo sock is the one that stays in the draw.

I... wtf am I talking about? :|

TheUndertaker852365d ago

The Nintendo sock is intended for your hand. They're innovative like that don't you know.

LexHazard792365d ago

funny how you think they won and the show hasnt happened. Im sure even with smaller area xbox will be packed aswell. Ms is actually showing new games and supposedly has a few more reveals.

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FallenAngel19842365d ago

In other words, Sony wins by doing absolutely nothing except showing up.

Sony also has more planned conferences for the rest of the year than Microsoft does. I'm excited for either one because we get more gaming news announced to be excited for.

Gazondaily2365d ago

"In other words, Sony wins by doing absolutely nothing except showing up. "


MasterCornholio2365d ago

Having a ton of floor space with demos for consumers isn't doing nothing.

They are doing a lot for the Germans at ganescom. Sadly some idiots believe that since they don't have a conference they are not doing anything.

Their next conference will be at Paris GamesWeek in October. I who else is going to have a conference there?

2365d ago
Haru2365d ago

Sony has like 8 whole booths while Microsoft has only 3

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Rimeskeem2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

It makes sense for Sony to have the most booths. Europe is playstation territory.

ghostface92365d ago

Ya they pay for those booths there not just given for free

urwifeminder2365d ago

Need a lot of floor space for those sales charts.

MasterCornholio2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

More like demos you troll.


Gamers don't attend the booths to stare at sakes figures. They attend them to demo games which Sony will have a lot of.

You make it so easy.


urwifeminder2365d ago

Thanks or clearing that up its refreshing to hear something about games , sony are so amazing hi fives all round bubs up.

OB1Biker2365d ago

man I read your post like 3 times to try figure out what anyone can disagree with ... I give up lol

MasterCornholio2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Crap I meant sales figures not "sakes figures".

Dang you autocorrect!!!


Maybe the part where I said " You make it so easy".

When I say that I usually use the phrase against trolls because they usually say things that are easily proven wrong. I guess some people were bothered that I did that and I will admit that I went a little to far with him.

MasterCornholio2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

People buy PlayStations to play games not to inflate sales charts so that they have numbers to brag about on N4G.

Its not my problem that you can't appreciate what gaming really is.

urwifeminder2365d ago

I can appreciate that ,been gaming for 35 years still have no clue but I get entertained.

MasterCornholio2365d ago

Making the statement where you claim that people attend gaming conferences just to look at sales charts really shows that you have no idea of the real reason why people attend them.

The reason isn't to gauk at sales charts nor is it to argue numbers over the internet.

The real reason why gamers go to these events is for the games. Nobody really attends them for sales charts instead they attend them for new game announcements and to try out unreleased games.

That's why I stated that you really dont appreciate gaming because the first thing that occurs to you when you see those booths are sales charts.

MysticStrummer2365d ago

"...still have no clue"

There was no need to restate the obvious.

PS4 has had more games since the generation started and that gap keeps growing just like the other gap does, so they obviously have more to show than sales charts.

urwifeminder2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

That's great enjoy your sales booths then both you guys seem really defensive and I really enjoyed this You make it so easy , been laughing hard thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

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spacedelete2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

anyone know if new games that we don't know get announced at Gamescom ? from what companies have announced from their line up it just seems like a E3 recap show. i can't remember previous Gamescom announcements. hoping for some new game announcements.

Volkama2365d ago

MS aren't really recounting E3, as they've confirmed they are showing Quantum Break, Crackdown, and Scalebound (none of which were at E3, except perhaps behind closed doors). They may have an announcement or two.

Sony aren't doing a presser, so wouldn't expect announcements but also wouldn't be surprised if a prominent Indie game or two surface.

I don't expect the major 3rd party publishers to announce anything between them.

Nintendo will find a way to disappoint us all, even if they aren't at the show at all.

MasterCornholio2365d ago

Just a question.

If those games were shown behind closed doors would they be eligible for E3 awards?

Volkama2365d ago

You'd probably have to ask the respective panels responsible for any given award.

I can say that anything shown behind closed doors would not be eligable from an award from me, if that helps?

ThinkThink2365d ago

It has to be fully playable and open to all members of the press to be eligible for an award. Being shown behind closed doors to a select few doesn't count.

MasterCornholio2365d ago

Yeah games get announced at Gamescom.

Just click this link and you'll see that some games do get announced at that event.

2365d ago