Vice: If Metal Gear Solid V is incorporating a transgender narrative, it needs to get it right

Vice warns of Metal Gear Solid V's rumoured transgender storyline. Jake Kivanc writes: "Exactly who Quiet is in the lore of Metal Gear remains to be seen, with nobody at Konami yet willing to confirm her identity (we did ask). It may well be that the only way any of us find out for sure is to play The Phantom Pain, when it's released in September. Until then, the only guarantee is that speculation will continue to spread across the internet, resonating the very real fear that Kojima could have bungled a central piece of what is potentially his Metal Gear series swansong."

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ironcrow23861205d ago

So introducing a trans character is treading dangerous ground?? So long as you treat them as an equal and not someone to make the butt of jokes then im failing to see what the problem is or why its even considered as an issue

SilentNegotiator1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

It's as much "dangerous" to have a transsexual character as it is "brave" to come out as LGBTQ in the 21st century. Some people won't like it, but be fired from their jobs, ostracized, sued, buried, etc if they say anything negative whatsoever about it. It's no longer impressive to do when you have the media, corporations, etc all safe guarding you. And don't tell me confronting family about it makes you particularly brave; my parents don't like that I didn't become a doctor, became a stripper, left the religion, joined a religion, am a Republican, am a's family, a million different confrontations are possible. /rant

So stop already, Vice. Stop making mountains out of long toppled molehills.

ironcrow23861204d ago

Thats all well and good but i myself am transgender and tbh im just as tired of the media safe guarding as I am the bullys and harrassers :/ but totally agree with what you said :)

DarkOcelet1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

The author of this article need to do some research before writing because it has been already confirmed that Quiet is neither a man nor Chico.

And I am pretty sure when Kojima said that people who criticized Quiet's outfit will be ashamed because she will most likely have an extremely tragic story just like the Beauty and the Beast Corps in MGS4.

rdgneoz31205d ago

"it has been already confirmed that Quiet is neither a man nor Chico"

Hell, play Ground Zero and you'll realize she's not Chico right off the bat.

lunodoom1205d ago

Except for the fact that the motion capture actor for Quite confirmed that she's a female character on Kojima station while Kojima was in the room.

RustCohle1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Rofl, Quiet is not Chico.

She's more likely to be one of 'those who don't exist' because of the similar powers, only we still don't understand what they or who Quiet actually is.

I really, really doubt she is Chico. Kinda hope that's not the case . Wouldn't Big Boss know what happened to him after 9 years? Not him at first but through others such as Ocelot.
Remember he also blew up with them in the chopper.

imo, the theory is ridiculous...

vanity291205d ago

Gawddamn this is the most bullshit thing i've read in a long time.

"There isn't one universal transgender experience, one person's journey is often vastly different than another," she says. "There are definitely ways to represent the trans experience that are completely inaccurate and, I think, sensationalistic and damaging."

Even if Chico is Quiet, id say he had a damn good reason to trannie up. He went through some mental breakdowns and if he wanted to cope like that, thats great. I think thats a good fucking narrative too.

Honestly these people are too defensive, especially that Wu chick. So you want LGBT in gaming, but you want to control what is shown to support your community? Wtf. Get off your high horse. All people are discriminated in media. Many popular games have large amounts in it. Why leave certain groups out???

medman1205d ago

Is it tranny up or tranny down? I'm not sure....

flyingwombat331205d ago

First of all, quiet isn't Chico. Second of all, I find it a little audacious for Americans to feel like they have the social consciousness and authority to critique social narratives across cultures. Unless you are extremely steeped in Japanese culture, you have no authority to do so. Their context is completely different than Americas. That having been said,there are definitely certain things you can make judgements about independent of culture, but especially in context of cys and trans gender discussions, Japan is at a TOTALLY different part of that conversation. They've had a pretty complex gender spectrum for some time; America's the place that struggles with ongoing binary structures and were all proud of ourselves for adding cys and trans classifications (still leaving us in the same binary system, but with the option of defection).

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