'Journey' PS4 Review: Even More Stunning Than Before | Forbes

It’s a wonderful game for players of any skill level or experience, and even for non-gamers. Everyone should experience it.

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Rimeskeem1269d ago

and this is from Forbes..... Journey is such a work of art

PC_601269d ago

Logged on to my PS4 after a while off it and saw it and I was thinking of buying it and i pressed download and got the whole game, I had it on PS3 so its good they gave me the PS4 version for free

GribbleGrunger1268d ago

It's probably sacrilege but for anyone struggling to get the 'companion' trophy, you can get it by just starting from the last area in the HUB. Just sit and wait for a companion and make it through to the end with them. As for the week trophy ... I'm sorry to say I just adjusted the date on my PS4

Play this game folks.

Manubiggs1268d ago

I played Journey for the first time over the weekend . It was truly an experience unlike any other .... I hesitate to call it a game. I think it means different things to everyone, to me it was story of friendship, life, death and thereafter. It is too hard to explain to someone else, the best is to tell them to just put on your headphones, switch off the lights, turn off your phone and lose yourself in it for 2 hours.

tweet751268d ago

When you play this you don't play a little you always replay it to play entire thing how many games can you say this about

Jaqen_Hghar1268d ago

A man got his white robes last night!