‘Godzilla’ Review | Analog Addiction

Jamie Briggs, Analog Addiction. "Unfortunately Godzilla is not a good game, and really only appeals to the most hardcore of Kaiju fans. God of Destruction Mode is monotonous and draining, which is unfortunate because if you want to unlock each Kaiju and upgrade their abilities, be prepared to replay this mode over and over again.

Aside from God of Destruction Mode the overall product is lacking, missing features like local coop options, or easy online sharing capabilities for your created dioramas. With archaic controls, poor visuals and an unstable online component, it’s hard to recommend Godzilla. Though the history lesson found in the Kaiju Guide and the impressive 20 plus roster of Kaiju is great.

Those wanting a top quality Kaiju experience, will unfortunately have to wait until the next Godzilla game arises from its deep slumber."

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