Horizon: Zero Dawn MMGN preview - What we do and don't know about the PS4's thrilling exclusive

Ben Salter of MMGN: Horizon: Zero Dawn was simultaneously one of the most exciting and frustrating games I saw at E3. I want to know so much more, but the drip feeding of information won't allow it.

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Josuey1180d ago

this was my most anticipated game of E3 and it delivered and even exceeded my expectations. i dont wanna know or find out anything about the story ill find out when i actually play it.

Personally in my opinion i am perfectly fine with it being singleplayer only because i will have an amazing experience with it. Its not going to affect my exitement for it whatsoever if its a singleplayer only game.

Heres my concern with this game:

This is my most anticipated 2016 game but...
I think that if multiplayer can be in fact implemented in a way that improves the experience or even extends the experience similar to bloodborne it should be added. I dont want a tacked on MP either that takes away from the quality of the singleplayer but MP really extends the life of games is all im saying, look at batman,witcher 3,dying light. NOBODY is talking about those games anymore and two of those games barely have two months on the market. we need games that stay fresh for months. its good for the games anyway to have a long life. and horizon seems to be the kind of game to be perfect for some monster hunter co-op action. In the concept art of this game there is 3 people taking down a huge dino and one dude is on top of the dino with a spear, see just picture that in your head and imagine how awesome it would be to have some kind of attack on titan monster hunter type action going on.

MrSec841180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

This is a game that most definitely doesn't need multiplayer, because it's centered around this one character, it's not a shooter either, but very much about exploring the world, learning the back story and understanding the ecosystems within.

The scale has been compared by legit insiders (like Shinobi602) to The Witcher 3 and that is a game that doesn't have MP.
GG have stated that there will be a social system for players to use, but they haven't stated exactly what it is, could be similar to hints or the like to help because of the game's huge scale and massive amount of stuff to do.

Tonnes of people are still talking about all of the games you've mentioned, to the point where they're all contenders for GOTY and plenty are still playing those games much later than their release weeks.

Story focused titles like this are made to be exactly that.
A game that could potentially have hundreds of hours worth of gameplay and tonnes more to do once you figure out what the deal is with The Machines is plenty.
An MP isn't going to make this anything but an MMO, which is clearly not what GG are shooting for.
Since it's their game and they came up with this awesome concept I'd leave the ball in their court to make the most out of what they're developing.

Josuey1180d ago

Uncharted and TLOU dont "need multiplayer" either since their singleplayer is more than enough to justify a purchase but they actually do.... and its amazing.

Either way sony is already has enough singleplayer IPs, what they do need is a great multiplayer IP besides uncharted and TLOU.
We need a new resistance game or a new twisted metal and a new warhawk seriously and what happened to Socom 2? We need some of that playstation MP action back.

Ive been playing TLOU online for years now. This is what im talking about extending a games life.

MrSec841180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


Uncharted and TLOU are not an example of single player, open world RPG titles with well over 20 hours, likely more than 100 hours worth of gameplay within that arena.

TLOU and Uncharted are both far shorter games than Horizon will be, so they're not an example of something like HZD.
The Witcher 3 is about as close to this from a gameplay scope and story depth POV, that certainly doesn't have room for an MP.

Whether Sony needs more MP experiences is debatable, that comes down to personal preference, but it has no baring on this, one game that is made to be about that huge world, with the ecosystem and it's story.

I agree that Sony needs to bring games like the Hawk Series, Resistance, etc to PS4, to fill that demand, but tbh there are numerous MP titles on the platform that scratch that itch.
I mean Kill Strain is on it's way, same goes for Drawn to Death, both are exclusive and F2P, but not made to be pay to win.
Alienation is another example, Uncharted 4 and SFV are also on their way.

Anyway, if a game has tonnes of scope for gameplay, many times the fresh experiences and re-playability through that same story with you able to tackle the same situations in very different ways (how the behind closed doors E3 demo has been described as different) then there's already a load more scope for what can be done in that game.

I'm sure Sony will announce more games like you mention, but SP is definitely an area that Sony also needs to make sure they have covered and sometimes these games are so big that the SP mode requires a huge studio like Guerrilla Games to focus all of it's staff on that, to the point where they can't spare any for a dedicated MP mode.
Personally I'm glad GG are doing an SP only title, I don't think the concept requires MP to give it longevity or appeal over the long term.

gijsbrecht1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Knowing GG and their MP experience, I am sure they will come up with some kind of meaningful implementation of Multi Player. But personally I would not mind an SP only game. Perhaps they can do a seperate Multi Player afterwards, based on the Horizon world. It's still so far off, we can only guess.

JoeReno1180d ago

Killzone 2 is still one of my top MP experiences last gen. So the skill set is definitely there.

medman1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I wouldn't want a tradition multiplayer for Horizon...if they did implement something I think I would prefer a system where other players could enter your game world and compete together, or against one another, in hunting scenarios in the game world...perhaps a survival scenario where the environment and the creatures test your skills and whatever team is last man standing gets the pot. Or, have players team up to form a tribe and hunt creatures that would be impossible to take down alone. I don't think a direct player vs. player experience would feel right for this game and the tone they're going with.

It doesn't matter to me either way, I'm a primarily single player gamer first and foremost, and this game is day one for me no doubt.

JoeReno1180d ago

this is just my opinion, but multiplayer doesn't keep a game fresh for months. IT may keep the disk in the drive longer after I complete the story, but most of the time I feel that MP gets stale faster than a open bag of chips.

jb2271180d ago

uhhhh I'm not sure what gamers you talk to or what sites you visit but Batman & Witcher 3 are still being talked about pretty much everywhere. Maybe mp is a big deal for certain players but there are still plenty of gamers out there that enjoy a focused sp experience enough to purchase these titles even when there is no mp at all. Lack of MP shouldn't be a dealbreaker for anyone interested in Horizon because there seems to be plenty of game there w/o having to tack on an mp to artificially expand the enjoyment for a few people, especially if it would have any effect on the sp itself.

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Majin-vegeta1180d ago

My most anticipated game of next year.Can't wait for some ne info and gameplay which hopefully we get at Paris Game show.

I hope they have all sorts of animals we can go after.

OB1Biker1180d ago

I hope there also humans we can go after (riding dinos?) . Also would be good to see the behind closed doors demo playable at Gamescom although I think most probably at TGS or PGW like bloodborne last year

medman1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I'm interested to see how many creatures you'll be able to hunt outside of the robots...deer, bear, antelope? I hope the game world has a nice variety of wildlife.

aco1180d ago

I'm just glad they moved away from killzone... Killzone just didn't have that wow factor like their new game have..
Don't get me wrong the last Killzone was good. it had amazing looking environment but it suffered a little in the gameplay.. I just didn't got totally immersed in world of killzone..

1180d ago
MrSec841179d ago

Killzone 3 and Shadow Fall both released 9 months after they were announced, announcing way early like that isn't Guerrilla's style.

Hell Bloodborne was a similar deal, announced at E3 2014 then it released this March, that was a completely new IP, only that was announced with CG and the behind closed doors footage of gameplay had worse performance than Horizon Zero Dawn.
It was also way more buggy, plus it lacked the level of visual sparkle that Horizon's already got.

Most likely Uncharted 4's release will get brought forward to Feb and Horizon comes out in March.
This game's been in development since 2010, I doubt Guerrilla would have announced it officially if it wasn't coming soon.