Could Mouse and Keyboard Support Change Console Gaming Forever?

Nick from GamersFTW writes:

"PC gamers across the globe have been slamming console gamers for years on almost all things gaming, from the superior hardware to the massive Steam sales console gamers have heard it all. Finally however, the tide might just turn into a more even running than it has been these past few years. To everyone’s surprise, the PlayStation 4 has had mouse and keyboard support since launch albeit with just a handful of apps to support the feature. Xbox One is also getting the feature in the coming months with Windows 10 support, which could mean console gamers will finally be able to use the superior controls that the mouse and keyboard bring. However, there are a few problems with the option of M and K, that are yet to be resolved. In this article I am going to go through a few concerns that I have with the support of these new controls, and finally explain why Mouse and Keyboard gaming have an almost zero percent chance of catching on with console gamers."

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Majin-vegeta1206d ago

*If mouse and keyboard support comes along on a game such as Call of Duty or Halo, then the controller users can kiss any chance they had at winning goodbye.

Sorry no it wont.You're only as good as your skill as someone who uses XIM4 on PS4.I can tell you i've never felt like i've had an advantage over Controller users especially when they have AA on.

For those thinking using K/B&M with AA will make it cheating.No it wont the Aim assist hinders you and throws your aiming off.

suckingeggs1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

@majin I agree

Also How is mouse and keyboard support new?

Just like BC ps3 had this already for years

Ps4 has it xb1 will have it and controllers will still be much more popular

Waste of an article

ritchi451206d ago

I'm fairly certain mouse support goes back as far as the original PlayStation too.

Septic1206d ago

I hope KBM support isn't implemented into our FPS games otherwise any balance would go down the toilet. People are getting overhyped about this for some reason expecting that kind of integration but that isn't happening here?

just_looken1206d ago

LOL stupid article.

If anyone has a launch ps3 plug in a mouse/keyboard any usb one.

Wa la you got a mouse and keyboard working on a console from 2006 people. How can this change consoles when its been around for almost 10 years.

If developers never used the ps3 support fully in the 9 years why would they now oh also they had special keyboard/mice for ps3 not full keyboards but that had limited support with games.

JazMac341206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

That's ridiculous...they've tested keyboard and mouse vs controller users before and have found consistently time and again that KB&M has a significant advantage.

Just think about it, the time it takes you to do a 360 camera turn is limited by the maximum speed at which the analog stick allows you to turn it, mouse has no such limitation. With a mouse I can precisely click exactly where I want to shoot on the screen while an analog stick can only aim with a rough estimation where you want to shoot (think about a game where you had to hover over small dots on a screen...which peripheral do you think would win that race?)

Even if you could change the analogue stick speed, you would sacrifice way too much accuracy to do it. The same would happen for mouse too but the trade off is significantly smaller.

NovusTerminus1206d ago

The mouse may aim faster, but you lose mobility due to the KB holding it back.

Dasteru1206d ago

Try running, jumping, aiming, shooting, straffing & reloading all at the same time with a controller, then tell me KB holds back mobility. Keyboards may seem a bit awkward to anyone not used to them but they have just as much advantage over a controller as a mouse does. The only thing a controller is better at is steering in a driving game which is where a wheel kit comes in to play anyway.

kneon1206d ago

The problem is you're only considering the right stick. You set the right stick to high sensitivity for fast movements while the left stick is for fine tuning. This doesn't work with a keyboard because you only have binary movement speed control.

Oschino19071206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I know right, as if using a different input method automatically increases your skill. IMO KB/M just feels lifeless and bland, have zero desire to use it.

I play a ton of WarThunder and never felt like I am at a disadvantage against KB/M (which you can use on ps4 if you want, I do for navigating the menus) yet some on there even attempt to claim superiority. Funny enough I often am top 3 against mainly KB/M users and I am very efficient in comparison once my vehicles are hooked up.

Skill will always be the definitive decideder, I laugh when people talk as if input method = skill. Someone on here the other day tried to compare KB/M against controllers to Ailiens against Cavemen and people actually agreed with him. SMH...

s45gr321206d ago

That's the misconception that using kb and m will automatically allow the gamer to beat the gamer using a gamepad. My wireless kb and m was going haywire while playing Payday 2 switch to gamepad and was able to help out my team along with staying alive longer. Is the skill and efficiency of the gamer not the input device he/she uses

IrishSt0ner1206d ago

@s45gr32 - Do you even realise wireless k/m are horrible for gaming? For a start you can not press two buttons at the same time on wireless (as it only allows for single input transmission)... so you can't strafe forward, crouch walk, or jump strafe etc...

Anyway it's been proven time and time again k/m gives a big advantage on FPS. I've had first hand experience where on Shadowrun our console team never won a SINGLE game against the PC team.

I don't know how people genuinely try to debate this, it's clear than pointing and clicking is infinitely quicker and more accurate than moving an analouge stick making many slight adjustments to move the ridiclue over the target, then add motion of the target... there's a reason auto-aim is present in all console FPS games and never used on PC FPS.

JamesBroski1206d ago

Well it depends. With games like GTA V where the auto-aim is really strong, the controller has a certain advantage depending on the situation. But with games like Counter Strike, a gamer using a controller would be extremely disadvantaged without a doubt.

Christopher1206d ago

We had M/K support last generation. Where did that get us?

Roccetarius1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Microsoft saw what happened to controller players and pulled the plug. People accusing others of being hackers was thrown around a lot, because they had the better peripherals.

People even used KB / M for Destiny using a 3rd party item, which i can't remember the name of currently. What happened is that they were accused of hacking.

Ron_Danger1206d ago

We had M/K 2 gens ago. I used to play Red Faction 2 on PS2 with M/K

PC_601206d ago

let me feast on some console noobs on BF4 lol, I used to be a ps3 only player and moved to PC. took me a while but Keyboard and mouse is amazing and it feels weird now to hold a controller especially for first person shooters on my PS4.

Septic1206d ago

"Sorry no it wont.You're only as good as your skill as someone who uses XIM4 on PS4.I can tell you i've never felt like i've had an advantage over Controller users especially when they have AA on. "

Have people played with mouse and keyboard over controllers? Its mad. The difference is massive and if I had a mouse and keyboard against players with a controller, I would be dominating easily.

gosukyomomma1206d ago

I find it easier to play with mouse and keyboard but it seems more boring just pointing and clicking. therefore playing with a controller id say takes more skill because you have to time and use a different hand eye coordination approach which i like it demonstrates real skill imo. Keyboard and mouse is just too easy.

Controller pad FTW!

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NatureOfLogic_1206d ago

No, mouse and keyboard support is nothing new on consoles. PS3 has it and it's been supported on PS4 since day one.

Bigpappy1206d ago

There is mouse and keyboard on X1 also, bot you cant play your games with them.

just_looken1206d ago

if you got a copy of mag kicking around or a old game like it some respond to mice/keyboards but never were supported unless you got fraxfx? those specail keyboard/mice.

kneon1206d ago

I have a frax FX, I used it for about a month and then went back to the controller. Playing with a mouse is just lame, it's not fun.

s45gr321206d ago

Unreal tournament 3 PS3 had kb and m support for the game, it didn't took off

Roccetarius1206d ago

KB / M is only supported for games if you pick up a 3rd party item.

bf0007779661206d ago

The next step for MS must be releasing office for Xbox one-play while working

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Bigpappy1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Short answer: NO! Mouse and Keyboard will never replace controllers on consoles. One of the main reasons people game on consoles, is to get away from M/Kb.

AnotherProGamer1206d ago

Actually the main reason is comfortably

Its more comfortable to use controller on your couch than mkb

s45gr321206d ago

Actually no, is very comfortable for me to use keyboard and mouse on a couch no silly tray requirement, Mouse on next couch seat and keyboard on my lap. But kb and m suck donkey balls when it comes to racing games

uth111206d ago

Agreed, especially the mouse. Plus KB/m would be one more thing cluttering up the living room which we don't need

Sureshot1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Nah I can't use a mouse and keyboard while I'm gaming on my bed, but I can use a controller while sitting at my desk

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