PS3 delayed in Europe until September 07?

Sony's head of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison recently told Official PlayStation Magazine that he wouldn't like to make any definitive statements about the March rollout for PS3.

Sony quickly followed that up with a statement re-confirming PS3 is on track for March 2007 across Europe. But speculation of a further delay just won't go away.

High placed sources within the industry have already been tipping April as a more realistic launch window the for console. But a source has told CVG that a PS3 delay as far back as September 2007 is now far more likely, pointing the finger of delay at - yes you guessed it - "component shortages". And let's face it, you don't launch a console in summer.

When contacted this morning a Sony UK spokesperson told CVG that "We're 100 percent on track for a March release".

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Ugly American4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

especially for Xbug Terminator, errr, Enforcer of the Truth since we will have to continue defending a console that he does not have just yet.

In fact, it will probably be a good thing for Europe, because there isn't a whole lot out for the PS3. I did download Go!Sudoku, and that seems to be fun, but not what I bought a $600.00 console for.

By the time it comes out across the pond, you will have MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, Lair, etc and you will never know the buyers remorse that I have. Lucky Europeans.

kingboy4380d ago

That would be microsoft`s birthday wish for more delays so they can profit upon it.By the way,where`s xbug terminator?

Bhai4380d ago 'ugly', but you can't be 'American', uglyAmerican !

BrotherSic4380d ago

"Lucky Europeans"? we have to wait for everything from films, tv, games, music etc How are we lucky? i would rather have the option of buying a PS3 now rather than been forced to wait.

Another option that sony has taken away, at least from UK gamers, is that they wont be selling the core pack in the UK. I dont want/need wireless or a 60gb harddrive as i already have a bigger one spare so for me the core pack is a better option.

My god I am lucky to be English

Ugly American4379d ago

What the hell are you trying to say?

marionz4378d ago

what about other places? australia new zealand etc...maybe we might see it before 08, yep next gen starts when you say so sony, maybe they mean ps4, because this generation of consoles will be nearly over by the time ps3 goes global, R.I.P SONY

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Anerythristic264380d ago

I am fearful of , for Europe. In recent history I do not think there has been a console that industry insider rumors have been so true on more than the PS3.

Industry insiders have been 100% correct on every shortage they have announced on this particular console.

Sony will always deny this so I guess Europe has to wait until March to find out.

Maldread4380d ago

PS3 won`t have a chance of beeing the nr.1 console. The gap will just be too great to narrow. If it does comes out in march with enough units and more than one good game (RFOM), then the race is still on. But Sony has some got serious catching up to do, even if it makes the march release.

Bhai4380d ago

...that Sony's got some big catching up to do, but the transition in gaming world that started with Half Life 2(2004) is still continuing on, and 360 is a big effect of it, it promotes the transitional flow and slight variations from the gaming we're so accustomed to here and there, nothing true next-gen ! While PS3 is basically about next-gen. With high quality games on PS2 we really can wait, but moving onto 360 is a definite 'NO', we want a big change from PS2-gaming and 360 provides only textures at that...nothing else.

Only PS3 makes the jump to the 'next' generation rather than the 'transitional' era. So, although I'm very hopeful to get PS3 in March 2007...very sorrowfully I'll be waiting until September if the unfortunate delay occurs.

Fanboys are gay4380d ago

lol your talking bolloux mate there more or less the same so they are both equally next gen i think you need to cure that case of fanboyism you have there before it gets out of hand

Plasmana4380d ago

The whole 360 is not next-gen is pure Sony marketing (I used to work for a marketing company so I know exactly how the game works). Sony is trying to stave off the drain of customers due to its late entry into the next-gen game.

The "supercomputer" rhetoric is also pure hype. The two systems are both next-gen from a performance standpoint. Sony's architecture is more unique (as was the PS2's) but that doesn't guarantee anything. There are too many other factors which are going to dictate the overall performance of the games!

Frankly speaking, the 360 is leading the next-gen performance war right now! Just as they did in the last generation. The difference being, this time they have the timing lead also. They have also widened that gap regarding developer relations. See the number of PS exclusives reduce while the number of Xbox exclusives increases! See the Xbox as the primary development platform for cross-platform titles!

My opinion is this generation of consoles will serve as the tipping point toward Microsoft winning the console marketshare war in the PS4 vs. Xbox3 chapter.

ImTheNumber124380d ago

The statement that ps3 is the only console that made the jump to true next-gen is just wrong. Completely, terribly, in every way and shape wrong. You are erroneous. On both accounts. If you mean graphics, then in a couple of years sure I would agree that sony has the edge. Now since the ps3 came out you should notice it was missing features that you would think it would have after a year of watching MS mess things up and patch them. Games have to feature a custom soundtrack to play your music on them. You have to watch what you download. The lack of a unified online community. It has problems with the sixaxis having to be plugged in to fix syncing up the controller. Most of the games out are ports of the 360 showing washed out color and a slower framerate compared to the 360 version. Future titles have led me to believe that it will take longer than expected to truly understand how the cell works. When seeing games like lair, MGS4, and Heavenly sword on a gameplay standpoint they seem to be gold but when you compare them to other games for other systems, mainly pc and 360, they just don't look that mind blowing anymore. I think by having played a wii and 360 before the ps3 it has changed the way I feel about it. I feel as though there is more missing to it. That doesn't make it a bad system at all I just don't think it's the only next gen system out there.

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