Bethesda Explains Why id Tech 5 Wouldn't Work for Fallout 4

In an interview with AusGamers from QuakeCon, Bethesda's Pete Hines explained why Fallout 4 wouldn't work on id Tech tech.

From the interviewNone of these detractors damaged the ambitious scope of what Bethesda Game Studios has set out to achieve, but next to the beauty of recent open-world titles such as Batman: Arkham Knight and Dying Light, Fallout 4 looks dated. While Todd Howard led the presentation, he was reportedly flown back to his studio shortly after to continue working on the game. I spoke, instead, to Pete Hines, VP of marketing and PR at Bethesda about whether there had ever been conversations about using id Tech for Fallout 4 to up the pretty factor.

“No, because of moveable objects [in Fallout 4],” reasoned Hines. “Doom has interactive stuff, but it doesn’t account for hundreds and thousands of little items that you can pick up and move and they’re all individual. It’s not suited for a game where you want to have thousands [of items] and clutter the world with all this stuff that’s all interactive and has physics. It’s just not what it’s for.”

The full interview feature looks more in-depth at the revamped S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, a larger emphasis on weapons and combat and lightening up the game-world.

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Bigpappy1232d ago

Fallout and Elder Scrolls game use the same engine. Its a modified version of the Morrowind engine. There are a lot of item and NPC management to matched by other engines that have open worlds.

SolidGear31231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Oblivion used the Gamebryo engine. Fallout 4 and Skyrim use the Creation engine. Heavily updated for Fallout 4.

Roccetarius1231d ago

Creation Engine is just another one based on Gamebryo. It's why their games are still unstable to this day.

Bigpappy1231d ago

They can call it whatever they want. The point is those engines have many assets that retain what you have done in the game, and how objects are distributed in the game world. The procedural part of the AI and the vegetation was developed for Oblivion. Every version of Elder Scrolls see a massive overhall of the engine, but the foundation is still the same. Anyone who has played them all will be able to sense the sameness in all the versions.

Revolver_X_1231d ago

I don't remember FO3 or NV being so called graphical achievements. Not really what people seek when they look at Fallout.

UltraNova1231d ago

True, but today 'we have come' to expect a certain visual quality from our AAA games. Its as if every AAA game has to be as good or even better looking than every previous one in its genre. I know this is wrong but it is what it is nowadays.

Playing the devil's advocate here, lets be honest for a moment, how is F4's mechanics more complex than say the Witcher 3 that looks better (and is bigger)than 99% of games out there? Why Bethesda did not upgrade their engine enough after all these years to even come close(visually) to say Shadows of Mordor let alone W3?

Simply saying (accepting?) that previous Bethesda games where not pushing any visual boundaries wont cut it in times like these.

yellowgerbil1231d ago

it is all about priorities, yeah they could of focused more on graphics, but that would of A increased dev time. B increased cost by requiring more workers. Or C led to compromises elsewhere.
I am very happy with the graphics, I think the game looks way better than most next gen games I played, personally I didn't think whitcher looked that good outside of the character models.
The character models are the only thing that people seem to complain about (the world/ monsters are F'ing gorgeous) and the characters are customizable, unlike a game like W3.

Roccetarius1231d ago

ID-Tech should be scrapped entirely unless they overhaul it. It's more negative than positive when using that engine, and it would actually look worse instead of better by using it. That's not to mention how much worse games run when using it, compared to other engines out there.

plexdk1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

you haven't tried the new ID Tech 6 engine yet used for Doom 4, have you? The older ID Tech engines ran smooth as far as i recall

Roccetarius1231d ago

Especially 5 did not run smoothly, and don't praise whatever next iteration they have before release either, because you saw what happened to Wolfenstein and Rage on PC.

seanpitt231231d ago

Then you still have call of duty running on a modified version of ID Tech 3.

bligmerk1230d ago

ID-Tech isn't very good at handling lots of interactive props. That is why all the iD games seem to be very static, only a few props that are interactive. For some reason, game physics is stalling. Half Life 2 kind of showed up Doom 3 with much more extensive interactive physics effects. Also, iD in general has put all the effort into megatextures but leave close up details on individual objects as low rez texture maps. Rage was really noticeable for this. This is all background stuff for the bulk of ID-Tech used mostly for FPS, running down corridors anyway. Fallout 4 is an open world RPG with all its loot.