Here Is What A Console Port Of "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" Could Look Like On PC

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'OmniAnimaKun' has shared a video, showing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess running on Dolphin. Normally this wouldn't be worth of posting, however OmniAnimaKun used various shaders and HD textures that make the game look better than the vanilla Gamecube and Wii versions."

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nowitzki20041275d ago

Just play a wii/gamecube game through an emulator and upscale it and look much much better.

higgins781275d ago

Here we go, again. Honesty, yes it looks better - marginally, but played via the Wii/GameCube hooked up to a good CRT, you would be hard pressed to notice much of a difference (visually). Besides, its 'successor', Skyward Sword really innovated so much going back to button-mashing thereafter feels archaic.

bmf73641275d ago

Skyward Sword had a terrible pastel-art style and mediocre motion controls.

Twilight Princess Wii also had shit controls but the GCN version was a masterpiece

higgins781275d ago

OR you could say it had a beautiful watercolour art style coupled with near flawless 1:1 motion controls. The Wii/Gamecube version of Twilight (while very, very good) was never a masterpiece.

nowitzki20041275d ago

You serious? I hope you are joking.

higgins781275d ago

Me? No. Skyward Sword was a revelation, a proper evolution - but the button mashers rejected it, so here we are...

I would have loved to see Zelda U continue on with Motion Plus.

stragomccloud1275d ago

They went too overboard on the effects. It's too bright looking. The textures are great though, and wow GCN and Wii games look awesome on dolphin.