5 New Ways to go to Hell with Doom

Carl Williams writes, "Doom is an iconic game, one that arguably kept PC gaming alive in the early to mid 90’s as the previous mainstay (point and click adventures) started finding their ilk was no longer wanted by gamers. Sales were slumping in most genres as consoles such as the Super Nintendo really started kicking butt and the looming release of new, more powerful consoles such as the Playstation just made being a 100% PC gamer quite a bit harder than it was in the 80’s. Then Doom was released in late 1993 and all of a sudden PC gaming was cool again, beyond cool actually (you weren’t getting this on consoles for a while and nothing compared at its release). Thanks to id Software releasing the source code, and having a really lax legal department, id Software has allowed countless homebrew developers to take a crack at porting, modding and updating Doom in new and interesting ways. We are going to take a look at five new places you can battle the demons of Hell in Doom, some are “out there” in a big way."

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