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AA: "After about 30 minutes – maybe one hour – of jumping around, it had been pretty clear to me that Legend of Kay is truly a game from the sixth generation. Long before titles with six-to-ten-hours campaigns and shoehorned multi-player modes – or open-world games featuring the same types of side-quests, up to a point where you’d just give up – there was a time when single-player-only games with a lengthy, linear, campaign would be all the rage. Publisher Nordic Games tries to remind us of the good, old days by giving Legend of Kay a fresh paint of coat, improved surround sound, and calling it Legend of Kay Anniversary. For the most part, this is a great remaster, although not everything has aged so well."

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Frinker1183d ago

I had this on PS2 and loved it. gonna get this version on Steam tomorrow.

MSBAUSTX1183d ago

This is certainly a decent review. I never played it on the PS2 but will definitely pick it up. I am going to get it on my Wii U though. Trying to support it when I can.

Maybay1183d ago

Awesome news.

I'll probably do the same, because quality 3rd party Wii U titles deserve support from wii u owners.

We need to send Nintendo a message, stating; ''Nintendo fans want third party titles too.''

spacedelete1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

i doubt buying an obscure PS2 remastered game will convince third parties that Wii U is a valuable system. also even Nintendo have abandoned it. you did watch E3 right ?

Doodleburger1183d ago

"it" being the money you spent on a wiiu, trying to justify the purchase?

Concertoine1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


Please, give us the rundown on why he shouldnt support this game. Also clearly some developers are finding the system profitable, since there are multiple indie studios that have released several games for it (sometimes exclusively!).

Really getting sick of trolls in these articles, lol.

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3-4-51183d ago

Seems like an interesting game. Not buying now, but eventually might. I like the gameplay and music.

LgbtWarrior1183d ago

It's a good game, but yeah prepare yourself for some truly bad voice acting. They should have removed the voices all together like zelda. The acting really hurts the game. If u can look past it, the game is above average.

achmetha1183d ago

hopefully they have a voice slider for audio and can enable subtitles

ninsigma1183d ago

Bah didn't realise this was out yet! Had it back on ps2, definitely picking this up on ps4. The list just keeps growing!

Darkfist1183d ago

i remember playing this game on the ps2, good times

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