Castle Crashers and Borderlands could join the next backward compatible games

The backward compatibility is something that the vast majority of owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One is excited to because at the moment is just a beta for participants of the preview program and also has just 21 games in his career.

Little by little know more games that could reach the console through this system that attracts both fans of the brand and future buyers. The same user leaked some games like Mirror's Edge and Shadow Complex said that Castle Crashers and Borderlands will arrive soon to this system, and does so showing us a couple of pictures of the Xbox store.

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Rimeskeem1275d ago

then why make a Castle Crashers Remastered???

Bigpappy1275d ago

For people who think BC is not needed. They prefer to pay more and get the shinier version. I am good with BC and not interested in remasters.

WitWolfy1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I wish more gamers were like this. Most fanboys these days just want an excuse to play ANY game on their current gen consoles. Even if its something that was released 2 years ago with a 1080P resolution!

donthate1275d ago

If it is a proper remaster, it might be worth it if you are a huge fan. Unfortunately some games are not "remaster", but really a port that only take advantage of the systems new found performance to up the resolution and frame rate.

No extra content, no updated textures, no new content, or other changes, just purely ported over.

Those ports tends to disgust me a little.

_-EDMIX-_1275d ago

? Or....or you could just keep your old system.

It has all to do with choice. You could keep your old system, or you could buy the better version down the line, that is up to you.

I don't think its a either or type deal, you could very much have both.

That is like saying I'm good with never owning a next gen system and just playing old games as suppose to remasters when I actually could just own both and choose to play the remasters of games I've never played.

I still own a PS3 and I have a PS4.

I didn't own The Last Of Us on PS3, so I got the PS4 version....

Why? Well why not? Why play the lessor? Even if I don't want to pay the extra money, in full HD and 60fps is pretty good to change my mind lol.


So for me, not a huge difference and worth the extra money.

Its like if Red Dead 3 comes out this gen.... lets say I don't pick it up, lets say I still own a PS4 and PS5 came out, if they came out with Red Dead 3 in 4k 60fps, VR, brain inplaint etc, I would still get that version.

Its not really about BC, its about choice and I'd rather have the choice of a better version vs just having the option to play older games on a newer system.

I again already own a means NOTHING TO ME, its a useless feature (to me anyway in my current situation lol) thus...I'd rather have new, in HD, 60fps, vs you can now play it on PS4....the same way you played it on PS3 lol.

Options my friend, I'm sorry but I like the option of remastered and fresh and the choice vs JUST BC...

I already have native FULL BC, its called my PS3 lol, me putting The Last Of Us PS3 version in my PS4 doesn't make it any better, no different then putting FFVII in a PS3.

That doesn't make it the Steam HD version by default lol.

We can have both and I prefer the option of both.

javauns1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

EDMIX, you must have to come to a xbox forum about backwards compatibility and talk about keeping your ps3. Don't forget PSnow too. but that long drawn out paragraph just to basically say you play the game you want, while trying to make someone else choice to play how they want seem insignificant. Congrats you have succeeded in doing nothing, take a moment and bask in the glory.

4Sh0w1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Sure you could just keep your ps3 or 360....but there are many reasons why BC is a attractive proposition for some gamers like students, young teenagers, family households who are on a tight budget but they want a next gen console maybe because they really want to play Halo5.

Right now a working 360 is worth $150 store credit at least, that plus having plenty of BC games on X1 for many slow adopters is a BIG DEAL as its considered a great *financial decision for these budget conscious gamers to SELL THEIR 360 & USE THE MONEY TO BUY AN XBOX ONE, then they can enjoy Halo5 plus still have access to a bunch of old favorites, which makes the transition over to next gen easier until their library builds up on Xbox One.

btw, BC & Remastered games are both options/choices that you have on *1 platform, keeping your ps3 is an option that requires you to have 2 platforms.

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Sureshot1275d ago

For people who didn't own it on 360...

Rimeskeem1275d ago

So basically, when a remaster is made for Xbox it's for the people who haven't played it but when a remaster is made for playstation it's because they are greedy and only care for our money, alright

Sureshot1275d ago

You asked a question and I answered. Why the disagree?

Rimeskeem1275d ago

Because you are being a hypocrite

EDKICK1275d ago

@rimeskeem no, everytime I see anything about it's the other way around, that's the exact argument from Sony fans when the Last of Us a 2013 game was "remastered" so how bout you try that argument again

donthate1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


Since we now have both the BC version and the remaster, we have options. If you are new to the game or want higher resolution, you can buy the remaster.

If you already have it, you can use the free BC version.

Options my friend!

"when a remaster is made for playstation it's because they are greedy and only care for our money, alright "

It sort of is, when you get ports instead of a real remaster like God of War 3 for PS4 that had basically nothing done to it. It was literally just ported to the PS4 and all you really got was higher resolution and frame rate.

Contrast that with Halo:MCC or Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and it is just an insult to gamers to offer God of War 3 for PS4 at that price.

With Uncharted trilogy at least you get three games, albeit without the multiplayer part.....

So yeah, I can see why people would complain especially since Sony doesn't provide BC, but instead tries to rip their customers off with PS Now!

_-EDMIX-_1275d ago

@Rime- how is he being a hypocrite? I mean....has he stated something like this towards a PS remaster before?

Don't just assume and generalize.

@Donthate- "can see why people would complain especially since Sony doesn't provide BC, but instead tries to rip their customers off with PS Now"

You don't need to us PS Now and PS Now is also on PS3 soooo that sorta doesn't make much sense in regards to your theory on remasters.

Also they don't need to give you 2 systems in one, we had MORE game systems that where just 1 game system then we've had 2 or 3 in ones.

I'm not sure why years ago it was normal for a system to just be 1 console, now its some monstrous crime and they are just greedy for not making it 4 in one lol.

They don't need to do BC, that is not their focus and making PS3 3 in 1 with that huge price point really showed that it wasn't a good idea.

If its wanted, then the value will show with PS3 sales, its just the truth. If you need it that badly, pay up and buy a used PS3, if you don't want it bad enough to buy it, then you likely would still get a PS4 without it (as you clearly not buying it separate, thus...not worth its real value to you)

That just means BC to many is just a nice feature, its not a "must" and no company even MS and Sony are not some monsters for not adding it, they have no ode to give you free systems.

Even funnier and ironic...

"Since we now have both the BC version and the remaster, we have options"

Well....since those that have a 360 AND XONE "have options" I don't get it bud, did MS stop the 360's from working when XONE came out? Did Sony stop PS3's remotely when PS4 came out?

Did you not factor that those smart gamers that kept their last gen along with their next gen systems have those "options" too?

I'm one of those gamers, I have a PS3 right next to my PS4. I have MORE options then with PS Now or MS whole BC, I have it native....

I'm tired of those who keep making it sound as if BC is a HUGE deal to them...if it was something that was wanted and needed SOOOOOOO badly, you would have never sold your last gen systems to begin with. Its nothing more then junk gamers bring up to make it seem as if one system is THAT much better then another.

I for one value my PS3 as I would a 360, its why I still own one, I'm not using PS Now on any system and I'm not waiting for BC on my PS3 is a value to me, its way it was never sold and I even bought another one for my living room as to keep my PS3 in my room to continue gaming.

Currently finishing up Red Dead Redemption, Hitman collection, Hitman Absolution and Persona 4.

As even if I owned a XONE and ONLY an XONE, that BC list wouldn't even support those games. Thus...even before getting an XONE...I would just keep my 360 as it still lets me play Hitman collection, Absolution, Red Dead etc.

You want it THAT BAD? Keep your 360, if it means THAT much to you, I'm sorry but BC really isn't that big a deal if you even waited for it, clearly you didn't want it that badly to keep your last gen system.

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Black0ut1275d ago

@Rime OP

Because they know that people like to have options. Remaster for a bit of cash and larger resolution for those that prefer it, BC for those that bought it back in 2008...Simple really. HTH

_-EDMIX-_1275d ago

Agreed. We can have both, hell I got Dishonored for free on PS3 from PSN Plus and simply forgot about it, when the Dishonored remaster was announced, I remembered I have it on PS3 and will just play it on there.

Its not worth it for me to buy a remaster for a game I got free lol.

Same thing with Borderlands 2. It really depends. I own a PS3 and PS4 and will still get many remasters based on many of those games I don't even own on PS3, thus....why get the lessor?

Now if I already own it, I'll likely skip it, but if I never played it, why play the last gen version?

I never played God Of War 3 so the next gen remaster will likely get a buy from me as I would like to play the best version of it as I heard it was a pretty good looking PS3 game back in 2010. (I'm even planing to get the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 versions)

Though I own Heavy Rain on PS3, I never got Beyond Two Souls.

Many need to factor that its not just about the system, we all didn't just get every single last game lol, so if you own all systems and don't own all games (clearly) then of course the remaster version has value to you, hell I didn't get Sleeping Dogs and heard sooooo many great things about it, but now i have the option of getting the PS4 version.

I mean...I can get either or, but thats up to me.

BC doesn't actually effect that as much as many thing as I have it native and will still get the better version if I never played it and really wanted to.

4Sh0w1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

1 BC game is better than 0 BC games= this fall on Xbox One you will have at least 100 choices.

That's over 100 choices you have to play a game you already own or buy it dirt cheap if you never played it all while being able to enjoy some great next gen games on your new console.

It's hard to make every single individual happy when a new service is rolled out, biased naysayers will always scream about what's NOT available as opposed to what is because its in there nature to only find negatives when the reality is its MORE than what was available BEFORE.

I'm not a big nostalgia guy or one that plays old games everyday, but as a member in the preview program, turning on my Xbox One and seeing some of my old 360 games ready for download is still pretty cool= giving me EXTRA stuff, without paying more *money or without EXTRA effort on my part is always cool in my book, each option added to a single platform is again a new choice which is better than not having the option before.

Black0ut1275d ago

Loving all the devs that are piling onto the X1 BC-approved list. Gets me excited every time I see them announced. Brilliant and cannot wait for more titles to be approved as my 360 collection is bloody MASSIVE and waiting for it!! =D

ScorpiusX1275d ago

Ubisoft needs to allow permission to BC Assassin Creed Rogue , one AC I haven't played due to selling the 360 for 0ne . Come on UBI .

1274d ago
Tedakin1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

A lot of pressure will be put on devs I think. If certain games aren't made BC, gamers will know it's the dev holding out probably for a financial reason. MS was very clear with their "All the dev has to do is approve it and it happens" stance at E3. Holding out games will be bad PR, but I doubt many devs give an F.

I'm mainly hoping for MK9, Mk Arcade Kollection, Injustice, Condemned 1 and 2, Gears of War series, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Halo Reach obviously.

NeoGamer2321275d ago

It is a "damned if you do", "damned if you don't" situation for devs now.

If they do not do BC they will face pressure from the community. Also, if they don't allow their games in BC, then release ports, re-masters, collections, etc. they will probably get lower sales which in turn would reduce the brand in the eyes of XB gamers.

If they do, BC, and then decide to do a re-master, they will have to make sure the re-master adds value in some way. Metro and Prototype are perfect examples of re-masters not adding any value. Gears is a perfect example of a re-master adding value.

But, I really like the idea that is being implemented with Rainbow Six Siege and Fallout 4... With the new games include the license to the previous BC games free! Great marketing tactic for splurging on the new games!

urwifeminder1275d ago

Got a feeling gears 2 and 3 will be announced very soon for xboxone play a few months after the ultimate edition.

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