The problem with Batman Arkham Knight's multiple endings

In this Spoilercast, the Quit or Continue gang follow up their epic Arkham Knight podcast with a separate episode, tackling the various endings, the highs and lows of the games boss fights, and everything else that resides in spoiler land.

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Kipster1276d ago

Did anyone actually find ALL the Riddler's trophies for the 'real' ending, and did you think it was worth it?

Blocking off ending content with what was essentially busy work left a sour taste in my mouth.

Aloy-Boyfriend1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I was burned out of the tank puzzles. Not only that but Rocksteady felt the need to add misable riddle trophies in areas that get blocked after you are pass that Story chapter. f*** that! I just watched it on Youtube.

Adexus1276d ago

I did all the Riddler trophies after I finished the game and none of them were blocked off, would be stupid if they did that.

But yeah it wwouldn't be worth it if you just want to watch the final ending to be honest, I'd have just preferred to watch it on Youtube.

Kipster1275d ago

I reckon a lot of people did the same. I know I did. It felt like a bit of a con to pay a premium for a game in the first week of release, and then have to go to YouTube to watch the 'real' ending, but I'd rather do that than spend countless hours collecting trophies that just aren't fun. If they had made the process a bit more enjoyable, I might have stuck with it - something like the agility orbs in Crackdown. Loads of them, but they were genuinely fun to collect.

Aloy-Boyfriend1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I'm really confused about both endings. I've never seen or read anything like Nightfall Protocol in the B-man comics. Whether Batman and Alfred are dead is still unknown. I think RockSteady has ruined what it could have been a start to have more DC comics Superhero games settled in the same universe. I mean, there's Queen Industries, Central city, and Metropolis references in Gotham. That proves Green Arrow, Flash, and Superman exists in the same Arkham Universe.

But since the ending seems to kill off Batman as a solution to deal with Bman identity finally revealed, does that mean we will see a different Batman in a future Justice League game or another superhero game, and not this Batman we love and been roleplaying for quite a while? It sounds dissapointing to me. There's this rumored Superman game, and WB has enough game studios to make some more superhero games to prep for a Justice league game or having this shared-universe superhero game series. The Arkham series could have been the game that settled the Universe like the Iron Man movie started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Maybe Marvel could have done this if they had capable studios to make games for them, While WB and DC has them and seem not to be interested in such thing . Shame!

Kipster1276d ago

I think whatever happens next, we're looking at a reboot for Bats. The Arkham series has given a very definitive ending here, for better of for worse. It's almost like Rocksteady don't want anyone else tackling their beloved series after Arkham Knight. Fair enough I guess, they made it what it was.

However, I can't see Warner Brothers just leaving it here. While I can't see how they could follow on this story, I could see them going down the Origins route again and creating another story that revolved around Bat's past. A bit lazy perhaps, but I wouldn't put it past them.

smashman981276d ago

I dont believe Bruce killed himself and Alfred. He would never kill Alfred and Alfred would never let Bruce kill himself

Likketysplit1276d ago

I think if the Arkham Knight had been a better character the story would have had a lot more impact. The ending rather flattered the story. I still think Arkham City is - both narratively and in terms of design - a better game. Looking forward to seeing what Rocksteady does next, though. Top studio.

HereThereBeGamers1276d ago

I was expecting Superman to sweep in and offer to help at some point. Sure, he'd have been rebuffed by Batman, but could have given an indication of where the series/Rocksteady goes next.

Instead we get a weird indecipherable ending that says nothing (even after completing all the damned Riddler trophies).

WellyUK1276d ago

Is that i can't even be arsed to finish the game as it's boring, there you go that's the problem it has.

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