Doom's campaign won't have co-op support

Despite drop-in, drop-out co-op becoming more common in recent games like Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity, the upcoming Doom won't allow friends to join for a cooperative experience in the campaign mode. The lack of campaign co-op was confirmed when PCGamer's Christopher Livingston spoke with Marty Stratton, Doom's Executive Producer, at QuakeCon on Saturday. But that's not quite the end of the story.

scark923047d ago

It would be cool if there is a type of a Co-Op feature.

Xavior_Reigns3047d ago

Such as a horde mode? Would be cool I guess, but as for them leaving out co-op, one can only hope that the campaign gets extreme polish in all areas.

scark923047d ago

I meant a separate campaign, like some games do.

-Foxtrot3047d ago

This is the type of game which would suit Horde mode.

Tsar4ever013046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

No Single-player co-op support doesn't faze me.

But off topic, why Id software designed the doom marine like some knock-off 3rd generation or later Halo Spartan MP soldier? We haven't seen the doom guy graphically updated since & Doom3 and Quake3 arena. And im I'm all for giving the doom marine soldiers a updated makeover for this gen, but ripping off the halo Spartans was definitely not what I saw coming or had in mind.

FallenAngel19843046d ago

Campaign co-op is a huge selling point for me

Revolver_X_3046d ago

*Reads title*


JamesBroski3046d ago

I can't believe that so many devs neglige co-op campaigns. Games with that feature are freaking rare nowadays. Even though I love horde modes, I love to have other co-op options as well.

gantarat3046d ago

i have a lot of fun when i play brutal doom with friend.

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