PS3Fanboy: Soulcalibur IV hands-on: The first few hours

PS3 Fanboy writes: "So, it's finally here. The definitive weapons-based fighter is back and we've been lucky enough to get an early taste of all the steel-clashing action. We've been practicing our combat skills over the weekend and have sunk a good amount of time into the PS3 version. So, want to know what our first few hours were like? Want to know answers to those questions burning in the back of your mind, like: Is the install worth it? What's up with rumble? If you're planning to pick up Soulcalibur IV tomorrow, you'll want to read on.

First up, let's discuss the install. The most important piece of information is that it is completely optional. There's no need to install, but it certainly doesn't hurt to go ahead and do it anyway -- it's only 2.6GB and will only take about 10 minutes of your time. You can install/uninstall from the options menu. The most noticeable area that benefits from the install is the load time for loading the fighting stage. Without it, you'll have to wait roughly 30 seconds on average for the stage to load up; with it, you save some time as it only takes less than 10 seconds for a stage to load. Another area is in character creation mode where character models will take several seconds to load without the install; they will load almost instantaneously with the install"

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MUNKYPOO4753d ago

this game looks amazing. they must have put a lot of effort into this game. take notes EA or call these guys for help

SonySoldierEternaL4753d ago

too bad this game is supposedly very short ~_~

ice_prophecy4753d ago

When it comes down to it, its all about the multiplayer aspects and balancing that make it good. The single player is just a nice feature.

-EvoAnubis-4753d ago

Dude, it's a fighting game. Not an RPG, not an action adventure game. A fighting game. What exactly are you expecting?

Jamaicangmr4753d ago

Well it's a fighter how much story do you really expect? Anyway can't wait till mine gets here next week.

TeaDouble_E4753d ago

Your right about that anyways I cant wait till tomorrow.

Bnet3434753d ago

I already got my copy. Yoda is the cheapest mofo in fighting game history, You need someone with a long range weapon like Kilik to beat Yoda cause you pit Maxi against him and Yoda will crush you with his cheap ass grab. Frikkin dumb.

LastDance4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

even worse then doctor B(i think that was his name) and Gon from Tekken 3? lol...i doubt it!

Edit: most certainly

Fox014753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

OMG Gon from Tekken 3! back then Gon Dr Boskonovitch and Eddy where the cheapest. Great game.

off topic : I'm pretty sure Tekken 6 will go multi.

rhood0224753d ago

Tekken may go multi, but it's being built (and in arcades currently runs) using a Cell based engine and taking advantage of its unique architecture. Not to mention the game has almost 50 highly detailed characters and 20 stages, many of which are multi-teared and have day/night transitions. This is also not counting the myriad of other console specific features--character creation, ending cinemas, etc.

All this is in no means a guarantee that it won't go multi, but the shear size of the game and Cell specific engine make it about a 40% chance. If it gets ported, I would expect an announcement at TGS seeing as the game is set to hit the PS3 in December.

Fox014752d ago

well now that SCIV is out, I guess we'll be hearing more from Namco anout Tekken (hope so).
Even if the gale goes multi, it'll still be unplayable with the 360 controller since the game plays a bit like the Street Fighter series

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59fifty84753d ago

cool than can't wait to pick it up tommorow was just worried about how vader plays, cool to read this thanks man.

thomas05064753d ago

Cant wait to get my copy friday.