How video games are helping veterans with life after war

And with 22 United States veterans committing suicide every day, Operation Supply Drop’s work with vets — helping them to cope with civilian life and form self-supporting communities — is quickly becoming its most important role.

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jmc88882203d ago

That's nice, but I prefer prevention.

Like not attacking countries that didn't do anything to us. In addition, not drone bombing the 22 countries or so we drone bomb regularly.

Because yes, even the video game pilots, are killing themselves.

Sadly our brave young men and women sign up to serve this country, but end up serving Wall Street, the Military-Industrial complex, and the British Empire.

They should be required to tell you that before you sign up.

ColManischewitz2203d ago

You may prefer prevention, but that doesn't help the veterans who come back from war and need our assistance getting back into society, care for wounds, etc. Vote for those who oppose conflict, but help those who fought. You can do both.

mafiahajeri2203d ago

Thats why I always defend Americans, a lot of you are actually very smart and decent people, but your government gives you guys a bad rep. I always say it's the government not the people.