Samsung delays release of Blu-ray player until September

A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the release of its Blu-ray player has now been pushed back until September.

Recent reports have suggested that Samsung's player was scheduled to come out on time later this month.

As reported yesterday, Sony and Pioneer have pushed back the release dates of their much-anticipated Blu-Ray players.

Sony's BDP-S1 has an estimated ship date of 15 August, with an expected price tag of $1000.

This means that it is scheduled to launch almost 4 months later than expected

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GamerX25826d ago

sony,Pioneer and now Samsung delays blueray players
Sooo... does anyone think this a good sign for the ps3?????

Bill Nye5825d ago (Edited 5825d ago )

Yep, something's wrong. Or they think HD-DVD isn't a threat because of their mediocre launch and want to wait to bring down costs a little...

Gh0stDrag0n5825d ago

So.... you can buy blueray movies but not the player? WTF..................

TheMART5825d ago

There's much, much wrong about this technology. Nobody needs it really at the moment and the coming 5 years and Sony tries to push it nomatter what.

They risk a lot with it. Not even the BetaBluRay technology but also the PS3. That are a lot of large risks all together for Sony

OutLaw5825d ago

These delays are way to close to the release of the PS3. So how confident am I going to be about the system when I can't really see for myself if blu ray is worth it. If they are having problems even with movies to play right, then how can I trust a game on that technology.

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The story is too old to be commented.