Hulk Hogan has been removed from WWE 2K16

2K Games has confirmed that they are removing Hulk Hogan from WWE 2K16 in the wake of his recent leaked comments.

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DDDGirlGamer852753d ago

sigh, another personal phone call made public, God bless America.

xfiles20992752d ago

Well Im not buying it now

FamilyGuy2752d ago Show
LeCreuset2752d ago

Interesting. So now that the racist IS NOT in the game you're not buying it. Funny what moves people to action.

"Oh please shut up everyone is so touchy now days It is getting to the point where we cant order Chinese food or go to KFC with out being considered racist."

As evidence by the "well said" you received and nearly 3-1 agree/disagree ratio for an absurd comment that overlooks Hogan admitting he is racist. I don't have a problem ordering Chinese or going to KFC. Probably because I'm not spouting racism at the people taking my order.

Blurmobjet2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Lol,be glad Hulk that WWE is not owned by Konami. they probably would have tried to completely deny your existence, erase archival footage of every match you were ever in, use CIA tactics to remove your image from all promotions past or present, bar your name from every interview and probably use internet hackers to try to brick everyone's copy of every wrestling game you were in.

Just be glad.

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B1uBurneR2752d ago

What goes around comes around.

Mr Lahey2752d ago

Don't you mean What's all around comes around B1uBurneR?

Aceman182752d ago

Oh well when you are idiotic like he was here expect to pay the price for said idiocy. I personally have lost respect for him. Whatever befalls him, he only has himself to blame.

ChrisW2752d ago

I don't think anyone at 2K thought this through properly. They may potentially lose more money from people boycotting the game because of the Hulk being removed than those who wouldn't buy it because the Hulk said some things 8 years ago.

silvacrest2752d ago

its not about money though, for any big company, protecting your reputation is perhaps more important then income

GordonKnight2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )


Reputation is important. The NFL has a really bad reputation, but grosses over 8 billion a year. This makes your point invalid.

In my book anyone with a DUI or is a women beaters is just as bad as a racist.

SonyWarrior2752d ago

i doubt it was 2k's decision it was WWEs decision

MadLad2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

A bigot is a bigot.
Most other civilized countries deal with them in such a way. We are finally catching up.

SonyKong642752d ago

we need a new word for any race that acts in such a barbaric, selfish, rude, inconsiderate way.

I hate White's, Black's, Asians, Muslims and Indians that act like the rude, vile, violent gangsters they emulate on tv, music and movies.

for me, my hate is never directed at skin color, instead I direct my hate towards sociopathic humans that treat others with disrespect on the daily, incorporating it into their personality.

now imagine what would happen to your train of thought if you met allot of people from one race or another that retains said ^^^ characteristics. this might make an individual somewhat racist, depending on their local environment.

I'm white, and I see allot of white trash gangster wannabes disrespecting and antagonizing people for no other reason then to be an mtv og. Now if 9/10 whites that I came across acted in such a way, I could forsee myself disliking most whites based on the actions and personalitys they have derived from media.

would this make me racist per say? or do I just hate how dumb sociopaths act? regardless of skin color?

the issue is always much deeper then skin color.

the question that's never addressed is WHY are people 'racist'? riddle me this 😶

ToxicSushi2752d ago

Not saying its right however Obama used the N word during an interview last month. He is still employed.

n4rc2752d ago


ive always felt this to be true.. most people labeled as racist arent truly.. they hate the stereotype theyve placed on a certain race.. why is it wrong to hate criminals? placing that hate to every single person of the same color is wrong but ive never actually seen it happen (canadian... yay).. people like nice people and dislike bad people.

growing up ive seen the race card played so many times it isnt even funny.. principal is racist for suspending someone because they are black (or whatever) and id be standing there like "uhhh.... im white and got suspended.. its cuz we were drinking beers on school property at 17" lol

i know other parts of the world is a different story.. but thats my take on it..

MadLad2752d ago


You do get the idea of using a certain word in context of making a point, and using one purely in a derogatory manner . . .

deno2752d ago

I guess you're a bigot then. I find your name offensive. Why would you use "slap happy jesus"? Are you trying to offend christians? It's not nice when you point out other people's imperfections yet have many of your own to correct.

MadLad2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )


It's actually a reference to a few dumb videos friends and I made back in highschool. SlapHappy(Hey-Zues) was a character, and was played by my friend Jesus . . .

I've actually addressed this on here already, not that I actually expect you to be aware of that.
But go be a try-hard elsewhere.

Now try to follow your own advice and keep from calling people out. Especially when you don't even have your facts straight lol.

slasaru012751d ago

Yeah, but when you are speaking shit of somebody's religion, like Charlie, it's "freedom of speech". Hypocrisy

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FlexLuger2752d ago

Worse thing is I want to feel sorry for him..But I cant as a black man. I cant be friendly with anybody that uses that word. I cant forgive him for that. Most black people wont to be honest.

slasaru012751d ago

He's just using redneck's language.
If you see his history he never ACTED as a racist. That's stupid words coming from his mouth, but it's not hatred that he has. More dangerous are those guys who pretend they are politically correct but act very different.

blakstarz2752d ago

His stupid ass should've knew better.....oh well.

TBONEJF2752d ago

Yet Vince McmHahon uses the N word in front of Booker T why is that a$$ not fired yet.

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Skate-AK2752d ago

Who needs the NSA when the people you talk to leak your conversations. Now I have to go look up what he said.

guitarded772752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

They had a partial transcript in the National Enquirer. He said some bad stuff... and I know it offends people. But it pisses me off more that someone can have a private conversation given to the media and exposed to the world. What if every stupid thing any of us have said in the past was put out there for the world to see? I don't think any of us could show our faces with some of the things we said.

I'm not saying Hogan wasn't an A-hole, but everyone has thoughts... bad thoughts from time to time about something, and we all say something stupid from time to time. It doesn't mean that he, or we should be only associated with that one stupid thing for the rest of our lives. The WWE has a right to remove Hogan from their organization, but doing so changes nothing. His character was a HUGE part of the organization's history. Even though they removed him, he will still be someone picture when the word "wrestling" is mentioned.

Scatpants2752d ago

I'm sure most really rich people are a-holes. Most of the ones I've met have been.

MadLad2752d ago

The funny thing is, I get pissed off at specific people. I don't throw around negative insults at entire ethnic groups.
Weird how that works.

ChrisW2752d ago

Ooooo! The National Enquirer...

I guess that's where one goes to publish such caliber of discrediting and defamatory stuff.

kakashi812752d ago

Common sense tells us not to say anything that is offensive to people in general.

I'm tired of closet racist bringing up that it was private conversation.

Soooo you let Donald Sterling get away with saying racial slurs also?

ABizzel12752d ago


The EXACT words I was coming here to say. It's nothing, but ignorance and lack of rational thinking that prevents people from addressing the issue at hand.

If I'm upset with someone, what on earth does bring up an race has to do with the issue I have with that specific person. I can't ever remember a time where I've ever used a racial slur against someone, because their race isn't the reason they're stupid, it's just the fact that they're ignorant.

And when you're life is that of a public figure even a retired one, you're still held to a standard above those of the average person, so you're words are of greater consequence, especially with a media that's all bout gaining the most controversy possible.

ABizzel12752d ago

I hate auto correct sometimes.

"what on earth does bring up an entire race"

"And when your life is"

"so your words are of greater consequence"

"especially with a media that's all about"


vega2752752d ago

@ guitarded

I agree with you comment.

I know I will get a lot of disagrees. But as a black man the word holds no weight with me. Maybe because black people as a whole use the word when talking to friends, family or just people in general. Hell I've seen and heard other races call each other it.

I remember a few years back someone asked Malcolm x's daughter how she felt about other races saying the N word and she said " how can you get mad at someone saying that word, when you keep saying it to each other"

All my friends are of different races and we say it to each other. I would be a hypocrite for getting mad at someone for doing the same. Now in hulk Hogan case. I stopped liking him when he bash randi savage after he died.

vickers5002752d ago

"If I'm upset with someone, what on earth does bring up an race has to do with the issue I have with that specific person"

I'll put in my two cents here. I don't think it has much to do with race. Think about it, when you hate someone and want to insult them or put them down, how do you go about doing that? You think of the biggest and most efficient way to hurt their feelings, you try and find the biggest thing they're sensitive about and attack them for it. At least that's what most people do. Fat person ever pissed you off? Call them a fatass. Someone piss you off that had something extremely embarrassing happen to them? You insult them by reminding them of that. It's just an ammo thing, you use whatever insult will hurt the person the most.

We have all said extremely offensive things in private when we thought nobody was listening, things that society would crucify us for. If you say otherwise you're a flat out liar. I think we should stop looking beyond surface level at these types of issues.

Everyone has problems, everyone has anger and hatres in them at some point in time. Consider for a moment that maybe, just maybe, saying one racist thing does not actually make someone a racist. Also consider the fact that people DO change from time to time. Maybe Hogan genuinely was a racist back then, but what about now? Maybe he was just going through an emotional time in his life that made him an angry and hateful person who said ugly things. Maybe he has moved past his hatred and is not actually a racist anymore. People can change. And I don't think someones life should be ruined for a stupid mistake they made when they were younger. Think of the most f'd up thing you've ever said or thought in your life, now imagine it being broadcast to the entire world. You wouldn't think it was fair right? You were a different person back then, werent you? And you'd never say something like that now that you're a better person. Unfortunately for you, you will now be defined by society for that one mistake in your life. All it takes is one.

Life isn't as black and white as society makes it out to be (no, this is not a pun or a joke). It's more complicated than that. One sentence, one action, one point in time in an individuals life does NOT define someones entire personality or existence.

Of course I'm not saying he's not a racist p.o.s., I'm just saying whenever you hear someone say something that deeply offends you, think about it a bit more before trying to define someones entire life on that one ugly thing about them. Would an entire lifes work of charity and helping others be completely negated if that person said something racist or offensive one time?

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BB2752d ago

I'm going to miss Hogan in my wrestling games. I can't imagine them without him.

LOL_WUT2752d ago

All I want to know is why is the WWE still a thing? Why is it still being watched? ;)

BillytheBarbarian2752d ago

I guess 2k14 will remain the most complete game in recent memory. Fortunately, Yukes does a good job on create a wrestler so the community will have some decent Hogans to download if you need that n.W.o. and Hulkamania 80s dream matches.

TeamLeaptrade2752d ago

I have a feeling they will end up deleting Hogan creations much like they did with Benoit creations. Even though Hogan didn't go as big of a thing, I can see 2K and WWE keeping a close eye on the creations.

BillytheBarbarian2752d ago

Wonder if they'll update older titles and delete his files or block them like EA did with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson in Madden.