The PS4/Xbox One Console War Has Taken A Decidedly Stupid Turn

The first real video game console war was detailed expertly in one of my favorite non-fiction books, aptly titled “Console Wars” by Blake J. Harris. It’s a story of drama, suspense, and even intrigue, and shows how Nintendo eventually bested SEGA to knock the rival company out of the console game. There are funny parts about how SEGA built Sonic the Hedgehog from scratch to compete with Mario (Sonic originally had fangs, a guitar and a busty girlfriend), and intense moments like when SEGA realized the Saturn was doomed once they understood Nintendo had the 64 on the horizon with the original PlayStation not far behind.

This latest console war, PS4 vs. Xbox One, started out in a way that seemed like it had the same high stakes. No gamer will likely soon forget E3 2013 where Sony announced that not only was there no question that the PS4 would play used games (something Microsoft seemed poised to abandon), but the system would debut for $400, a full $100 less than the Kinect-connected Xbox One. The crowd not only went wild, but it set the PS4 up to dominate the Xbox One in sales for over a year and a half to date. Though both consoles have been performing well compared to their predecessors, Sony and Microsoft had a real war on their hands as the Xbox One had to slowly reshape itself into a more attractive console by reversing many of its core decisions. Someone could practically write a book about that someday (paging Harris).

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ZhukNasimPog2162d ago

Just revise some articles from 2007 if you want to see a true console war on n4g

umair_s512161d ago

Console wars are stupid, and these articles are stupid as well. I mean why can't people just enjoy the console they have ???

Genuine-User2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Enjoying your preferred console and taking part in a opinionated debate are two very different things.

Not aimed at you, but I find it funny that some of the biggest trolls and pathological liars on N4G are calling for peace on this page.

umair_s512161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )


Trolling is part of n4g culture, and this is sad, I agree with you

I disagree that meaningful discussion are held in console wars, I think, it is just an extension of trolling

4Sh0w2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Sure nothing wrong with discussing different viewpoints maturely.

The trolling stuff is stupid though, but I never let it really get to me, because I know that if you are truly satisfied with your purchase/choice, whether thats 1 console or both, then #1 you don't need to troll, #2 you can see the trolling for how transparent it is= those who hate the most are just jealous because the other console has something they want.

TheXgamerLive2161d ago

I like eggs:).

That is all.

TheXgamerLive2161d ago

Seriously though, wars aren't needed but sites like this also thrive on it for business. Its nothing bad against them its just business. Game stop as well.

Gazondaily2161d ago

Trolling is part of this industry. It adds some excitement to the whole affair. It can get too much though and actually harm this industry.

But sometimes its like the spice that turns a normal piece of chicken into a Nandos peri peri one. It's all banter.

hiawa232161d ago

I agree. I usually buy all the consoles, and enjoy the best from everyone. Fanboys are hilarious how serious they take the side of their console of choice.

PurpHerbison2161d ago

"Trolling is part of n4g culture"

Unfortunately, trolling is a part of the internet as a whole.

xHeavYx2161d ago

People are like...
"Console wars are dumb"

Then the same person will say.
"Seahawks suck, I hope they all die"

spoonard2161d ago

Because conflict is what drives people in everyday life.

Ezz20132161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

What i see here is alot of people talking about how stupid consoles wars is and
yet some of them submit those flamebait articles and they also write tons of baised comments on N4G.

It's impossible to stop consoles wars
Because every one is baised one way or the other.

kaizokuspy2161d ago

Console wars are great for gamers. When M $ controlled the market last gen it set Sony up to reform their business model. Sony released a better priced, better performing hardware and had policies in place that gave the consumer respect. (Buy used games...etc.etc.) they have it if One person has ps plus on that console, everyone else can play online at no cost on the same console. They added shareplay that upped the ante on playing content you didn't buy, but want to try.

Without the console wars, there wouldn't be a need to innovate, to evolve, and to adapt. If there was no wars, we'd be playing PC because no one would be able to tell us to buy a console. Without these wars leading up to that e3 I was ready to buy an xbox one, and it is because of these wars that I adopted sony this gen and playing series I never even touched. (God of war remastered) now that sony has kicked MS butt the first year or so of the gen, xbox evolved and changed to an appealing console again, but it tool them this long to get there, better late than never. I'm glad bc gamers deserve a good product and the xbox one is really appealing and worth buying now, but if you were to ask me that a year ago, I would've said no. Console wars still ongoing have molded the brand to show that it is worth getting now and I will spend my money on it because from these pages I've learned and read discussions in comments and made an informed decision to change my opinion. Exactly what this site and it's bubble/comment style set up intended for its user base.

So in summation. Console wars are great, trolls are not.

rainslacker2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

This article is speaking more about the console war from the console makers perspective.

It's actually not a bad article overall.

Two best things from the article

"But recently, the things that divide the PS4 and Xbox One are becoming less and less interesting, and focused less on providing new and interesting perks and games for their systems and more about mildly annoying those who own their rival console."

and this

"It’s a different sales pitch when you have Microsoft and Sony listing off their exclusive franchises as to why you should join their team, compared to saying “Get select Destiny content a year early on PlayStation” or “play Tomb Raider first on Xbox.” It’s not enough punch to produce an actual console sale, but enough to make the other side grumble quite a bit."

Overall, when i read your comment, I see that the article is actually saying why it's becoming difficult to just enjoy the console we have, because the console makers are spending too much time trying to one up each other with exclusive content which really does't set itself apart, and actually prevents players from enjoying what content is available.

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d_g2161d ago

we want Gaming peace

DevilOgreFish2161d ago

Remove the voting process in Gaming websites, problem solved. An opinion can neither be right or wrong, it can be shared, and the multitude of shared options can neither be right or wrong either.

caffman2161d ago

i was there on the front lines. Now I own every console. Why? Because I grew up.

jznrpg2161d ago

Purchasing another console has little to do with growing up .

caffman2161d ago

nah. Having 2 granddaughters does I suppose.

ZhukNasimPog2161d ago

I remember you caff man. I was poor xbot, dragon ball druids and go go Sony rangers lol

nitus102161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

It is not a matter of owning all consoles or even having a top of the line gaming PC to me it finding the time to play the games I like.

Basically the PC has the better gaming solution if you are into gaming on a PC, however some people prefer gaming on consoles while millions enjoy gaming on hand-helds and smart phones. It all boils down to gamer preference and the time they can devote to playing games.

Personally I like Action/Adventure and RPG's (action or turn-based) and most of my games take many tens of hours to complete and some well over 100 hours and that is not including a replay. This is why I do have a tendency to stick to one gaming machine.

For me my gaming machine of choice is my backwards compatible PS3 since I have a huge library of games PS1 though PS3 that I still play. I even play retro games on my PC when I find the time which is getting harder to justify.

As for getting a PS4 I keep deferring, not because of price and games (there are some that I would like to play) but because I do have many PS3 games that I still want to play.

MysticStrummer2161d ago

I remember Nintendo vs SEGA well, but that wasn't the "first real video game console war". Atari vs Mattel happened long before that, and in at least one way was more of a "war" than any since. Mattel was making commercials that directly compared their console (Intellivision) to Atari's (2600), using Atari footage and making fun of it. I'm not sure that's happened since.

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B1uBurneR2161d ago

The article doesn't mention Capcom or Street Fighter V deal... oh that's right favoritism. Nevermind I was hoping for a non bias article.

Kane222161d ago

why don't you actually look up the reason behind that deal vs. the deal with tomb raider and then come back and talk....

grumpygamr2161d ago

This article is full of holes. Xbox fanboys are desperately grasping at relevance with Microsofts poor hardware design and PS4 owners are trying to set them straight. It's a free education for the hardware illiterate.

BeefCurtains2161d ago

Microsofts console "hardware design" is the same as Sonys with different components, but the architecture and design are the same. No need to grasp at relevance there.

PS4 fanboys just like waving their stronger GPU flag over the competition as if it's some type of "be all-end all" to choosing a console , which doesn't "set them straight", it's just some weird misplaced pride thing. The console war only lives in the minds of fanboys.

Your comment is full of hardware illiterate holes.

Meryl2161d ago

what as to supposed people on the xbox side waving the 'we have a stronger cpu' flag, there even is a article on it here.
just accept that both sides can be as bad as each other.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2161d ago


How exactly are the 2 different architectures the same? 1 uses an itsy-bitsy slither of ESRAM to compensate for slower RAM speeds. The other has no need to figure out how to best utilize RAM bc they chose a faster unified RAM from the get go.

One is a fully tuned big block super charged V8 ready at the starting line. The other maybe the same motor minus the super charger who showed and attached the smallest Nos they could find.

Similar? Yes.
The same? No

BeefCurtains2160d ago


Your comment perfectly compliments my statement about sony fanboys misplaced pride in their console, and that the console war only resides in your mind.

grumpygamr2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

@beefcurtains you are just showing what I stated earlier about most xbox fanboys really being hardware illiterate and basically instead of educating yourself properly you choose to just hear what you want to and regurgitate that like it's fact. And then instead of the ability to argue a point with intellegence you choose to label the person and disregard them. You are just gullible and misinformed about hardware.

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FlexLuger2162d ago

I swear this is like the 5th console war style write up I have seen today. anybody else wanna just call it a day and we do all this tomorrow?

BinaryMind2161d ago

I can't believe these articles are not satire. The "Console Wars" have always been a incredibly petty argument between whiny teenagers and man-children. Why would anyone want to study this garbage?

jb2272161d ago

I'm most tired of the whole recap portion of these articles. Typically 80% of the article is made up of basic recent history everyone already knows (did you hear? Xbox One was once always online! Kinect was once mandatory!), 10% covers whatever is trending in the gamersphere (PS4 has no exclusives for the holidays!) & if you're lucky, a couple sentences present some kind of thoughtful opinion. These guys really are scraping the bottom of the barrel on the same topics instead of diving into the dozens of worthy topics that rarely get mentioned. These slower periods during the summer are such a huge missed opportunity for game devs, people are thirsty to talk about and play actual games, yet we only get a handful of great titles during the summer. Summer is blockbuster season for the film industry because adults w/ extra income & free time will always spend it regardless of the season, meanwhile the gaming industry seem content to keep on believing that only children play games and that they are only allowed to do so during the holidaze.

FallenAngel19842162d ago

Consoles wars in general are stupid. There's nothing stopping anyone from playing multiple platforms

FlexLuger2162d ago

And yet people still pick side and take to sites like N4G to have at it. Its typical brand loyalty from man childs, that all. If its not games its a sports team or something else.

That said...gamers are pretty tame compared to the PC Vs apple threads on music production forums. And they dont really moderate discussion much on those sites. And these are all professionals! lol..So I never expect gamers to get passed this fabricated 'console war'. Sad but true. But as long as nobody is getting hurt its ok.

iceman062161d ago

You didn't even mention the wars that take place in car forums, cell phone forums, and I won't even START on various sports forums. I think people forget that the term "fan" is short for "fanatic".

FlexLuger2161d ago

"You didn't even mention the wars that take place in car forums"

Oh god how could I forget! Audi owners are the worst by the way. I had an argument with one on evo once and I wanted to jump through the screen and choke him for slating my beloved 135M. No offence to any audi drivers btw. lol

"I think people forget that the term "fan" is short for "fanatic"."

Lol, I think you are correct. And some really do take it too far, especially in football. Some of these clubs like millwall FC have pretty volatile fans. And that is putting it lightly.

MasterCornholio2161d ago

True but there's nothing wrong with being a single platform owner.

If I ever get extremely jealous of the systems that I don't own instead of bashing them I'll just buy them.

4Sh0w2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Exactly....but you do know half of the trolling is because of either they can't afford to, or they are blindly loyal. Regardless of which you like more, if you are being honest there is absolutely no way you can't see and give praise to both for different reasons from time to time, doesn't mean you have to buy it, but if those reasons are enough to make you jealous, yeah you need to buy it, or give credit where credit is due, or do both.

MasterCornholio2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )


I can't afford to buy all systems and a gaming PC. But even if I could I wouldn't buy all of them. I would only buy the systems with the games that interest me.

That's the way I am but sadly many decide to attack me due to my preferences conflicting with theirs. Nothing but a bunch of barbarians in my opinion and if N4G didn't have them the site would be much better.

But it's just better to ignore those types of people instead if complaining about them all the time. That's what I do and so far it works for me.

Bigpappy2161d ago

I can afford both. But I had given up gaming for 8-10 yrs, then Org' Xbox got me back with DOA's and Halo.

I am the type that stays with a brand until they give me a reason to go else where for the experience I am after. So far Xbox has kept that comfortable and familiar experience in tact.

PS1 was my first hands on with PlayStation. I never got comfortable with the controller. Have not key tried the PS4 controller, but even if it feels good enough, I don't have time for a second console.

rainslacker2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I do think that when one owns a particular platform, or many, one would often be less critical of it. When you can actually experience a platform first hand, you realize how a lot of the stuff that is being said in the negative isn't actually true, or at least isn't fully true.

Unfortunately, there are those who also don't accept that criticism itself isn't always bad, and it's not always meant as a way to downplay something.

For the most part, I could probably be happy with a single system so long as it has enough games I want to play. I realistically don't have enough time to play all the games I buy, and I'm pretty active into retro games, so for the newest games I would only require one. The collector side of me tends to pick up as many as I can rationalize getting so I don't miss out though. I can honestly say that there are games on all the systems that interest me. But I can also say that one platform does have more games that interest me.

MasterCornholio2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )


"I am the type that stays with a brand until they give me a reason to go else where for the experience I am after. So far Xbox has kept that comfortable and familiar experience in tact."

I'm that type as well.

I had a PS1 then went to PS2 and after that Xbox 360. Once the era of Kinect started I went back to PlayStation. Then I waited for all three next gen systems to be announced and fully revealed and I went with PS4 because it offered me the product that I wanted at a price that I was willing to pay.

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flyingwombat332161d ago

@flex I think you're right. As annoying and obnoxious as it is, I think it definitely is worse in other communities.

Summons752161d ago

Except money which forces people to decided one over the other then they feel to defend their decision because others defending theirs make them feel bad.

Yes your right it's better if everyone can play them all but sometimes it's not doable. Luckily there are so many multiplatform games that everyone can almost play everything

Testfire2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I don't think money has as much to do with it as people think. This brand attachment and the defense of it doesn't stop at video games. It makes it way into just about any hobby out there. There's a deep seeded psychological reason people will defend the objects they're attached to. Clearly someone that can afford a classic model Corvette, Camero or Mustang doesn't have money issues, but they will bash the competition the same as the xbox vs ps guys do.

iceman062161d ago

I think money is just another way to assert some superiority over another fanbase. Try telling someone that apple line of products are generally overpriced for what they do and see the argument that ensues. (protip: it eventually boils down to the "you are just jealous because you can't afford it" argument.)

ginsunuva2161d ago

Except for 15 year olds whose moms won't buy them any more toys.

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Nosred2162d ago

The problem about this is that the fanboys are criticizing the MS but defends Sony that makes it worse, FF7, Shammue, SF5, Helldrive, SilentHill "beta" No Mans Sky etc.

Yes temporary exclusivity is ridiculous and if it is to criticize, it must be all and not only one, but what we see at this site fanaticism by the brand is predominant.

Haru2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Don't worry xbox fans are still the worse kind, they're just so hypocrite and try to act all inoocent just because they can't really talk back since xbone is losing on all fields to PS4 which is doing great and beating the crap out of xbone they don't really have what to show off with, it's like they totally forgot about last gen when they started this whole console war talking shit about playstation everyday but now since they don't really have what to say they try to act innocent and try to blame the ps fans instead, so pathetic..

Nosred2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

this one an example of fanaticism, and still speaks to the people who have Xbox is hypocritical but in fact we see the opposite just visit the news of N4G.

This sony fanboys always deifying and defend it even being wrong, but if they see an MS of error are the first to criticize.

OB1Biker2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I would agree if you said box fanboys like the one above, but xbox FANS just like PS FANS are just gamers who enjoy their passion and are respectable.
The 'warriors' who always try to bash the others and promote their preferred platform by any means are fanboys not real fans.

jojo3192161d ago

And yet your comment is the first fanboy bashing one in the thread. Interesting......

johndoe112112161d ago


I finally figured it out. The angrier you get the more illegible your writing becomes. You're like the hulk of the comments world. I'm thinking you were exposed to way too much microwaved food as a baby.

You do realise you are the last person to call anyone a fanboy right? Your comment history reads......... can be interpreted like someone who has an xbox attached to his chest that feeds kinect signals to his heart in order to keep it pumping. You really lost all rights to call anyone a fanatic or a fanboy.

Irishguy952161d ago

Nosred, you shoulda seen n4g in 2007

LexHazard792161d ago

...go back under your bridge.

Kryptonite42O2161d ago

Fanboys in general are the worst...
Comments like yours, are a part of the problem..
From both sides!
You singled out a specific camp, and just added fuel to the fanboy fire. Then you get fanboy #2 trying to defend his camp and the war rages on.
Both sides need to just stfu already..

4Sh0w2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

-So true, I lmfao at your comment, describes hime well.....I still like your passion Nosred.

-nah, had this debate years ago, looked at a lot of old threads, same fanboyism against 360 going all the way back to the countless "wait until ps3 launches" comments, RROD(understandable), no bluray, "I would never pay for a online gaming sub", etc from sony fanboys, then after the ps3 launched "ps3 has no games" from xbox fanboys, "wheres the "toy story graphics", "multiplats look better on 360", and on, and on....this site has never had a dominance of xbox fanboys. Its just what folks like to say to justify their trolling. 'meh, does it matter, 'nah if you like what you like who gives a damm what trolls say.

Sm00thNinja2161d ago

Both sides are equally ignorant. Sony fans are on offense now while Xbox fans fein innocence that is true but we're the tables turned we'd be having the same discussion. If only everyone could afford both consoles.

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Rimeskeem2162d ago

You are completely wrong.

1. Half those have never been said they were ps exclusive but gamers are simply happy they are coming

2. Can you make an attempt to know how to spell the game?

3. Saying one fanboy is worse than the other is Pena my the most idiotic thing a gamer could say

RIP_Cell2161d ago ShowReplies(4)
TwoForce2161d ago

Playstation Fans does have their flaw. But they do know their mistake, they do know what is right and what is wrong. I'm Playstation fans and I do know my flaw. Same Xbox fans, they are also know their flaw but can they fight their own mistake ? Console war can be dangerous and does hurt consumers. Look Norsed, you do know Microsoft does mistake, right ? Same goes with Sony, they do have their own mistake. We are the same, the fanboy war cause by us. Because it cause by our own feeling, blind, troll and rage. War never change.

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Godmars2902162d ago

Console makers endeavoring to create a personality for their systems by making exclusive titles is not stupid.

Buying limited exclusivity for a full title or partial DLC, especially when its clear that such was removed from the full development, is insanely stupid.

dericb112161d ago

Yet MS started doing it last gen every chance they could. Now that Sony has joined in all of a sudden it is bad. COD deals first started on Microsoft Platforms. So did Square/Enix exclusives and many more. Microsoft fans begged for this now we all have to deal with this. If Sony or MS come out with a policy that hurt gaming again we all need to not support them.

Elit3Nick2161d ago

Uh other way around, people were lambasting MS for timed exclusives and now with Sony getting permanent exclusivity of Street Fighter not only are people not treating it worse than a timed exclusive, but they're saying it's fine because it's Sony. If it was MS who got SFV there would have been countless petitions and death threats sent to every MS head's E-mail.

Ratty2161d ago

It was never okay either way. Microsoft or Sony. It's a retarded practice. I'm all for exclusivity but timed exclusivity is something else. I usually don't even buy the games that do that unless it's a franchise I particularly like.

Basically, I like when a game takes full advantage of a platform's hardware but when it doesn't and it's clearly built on a multiplatform engine well that's just wrong.