Full NBA 2K16 soundtrack listed

Neil writes "We recently told you about how 2K were set to bring the most expansive music library ever to an NBA game with the inclusion of a number of tracks from three world famous DJ's. Well, now the full list is here!"

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Mikefizzled2874d ago

That's a Spike Lee joint alright.

ShowanW2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Settings > Sound > GameTrax > Music > OFF!!!!

or something to that degree for me...

xHeavYx2874d ago

Luckily you can use Spotify.

HammadTheBeast2874d ago

I'm guessing you don't like it?

ShowanW2873d ago

Not into a lot of the music that has been in NBA 2K over the past few iterations or so.

eddieistheillest2874d ago

Another great soundtrack for 2k.

crazychris41242874d ago

Surprised to see Cult of Personality.


Alot better than last years soundtrack, that's for sure.

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