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Analyst: Nintendo to Dominate for Next 5 Years, New DS Within a Year

UBS analyst Shunsuke Tsuchiya sees Nintendo releasing a new version of the DS in the near future, and he expects Nintendo to dominate both consoles and portables for many years to come.

Tsuchiya said that "user needs are beginning to exceed the processor performance of the NDS currently on the market. If the next-generation NDS does not include performance enhancements, the PSP is likely to regain market share, and we think this would create upside potential for Sony."

"If Nintendo can launch the next-generation hardware while maintaining backward compatibility and improve [processor] capacity to 400 MHz or above for the portables by FY09 and to 2000 MHz or above for the consoles by FY10, we predict that Nintendo will be able to maintain its predominance in the market for the next five years."

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kadosho3734d ago

5 years is quite a hold on the financial movement. Given how much they have pushed already so far. Only problem is that their new "push" is more casual, rather than the audience they brought everyone back into during the 80's. Sure times have changed, but who's to say they're the only ones who can deliver quality content (they didn't show it at this media summit).

Maybe TGS might be a different story, but E3 is where Nintendo wow'd, and awed the media.

ChickeyCantor3734d ago

But thats the whole point, Third party developers are actually bringing decent games to the Table. Why would Nintendo be the only one? People tend to forget about the upcomming thirdparty titles.

Maedhros3734d ago

As a general rule, I don't put much stock in analysts' predictions: there is always someone out there somewhere with some credentials weighing in the the gaming industry, and their precognitive abilities are sadly lacking.

It is particularly dangerous to overlook the brand loyalty the other two companies have got going for them and their potential ability to muscle their way into the casual market - whether it's by means of peripherals or whatever else. "5 years of Nintendo dominance" is a bold statement to make, and I can't see it holding up. We'll probably have seen our first glimpse of the next generation by then - the average console lifecycle is 4 to 5 years.

I also wouldn't hold out any expectation of a more powerful DS any time soon. A new model of the existing hardware with a new feature, perhaps, since Nintendo makes a lot of those.

Iceman100x3734d ago

Why can you find one anywhere?