Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 & PC Release Dates Revealed, So What's The Point of Timed Exclusives?

Rise of the Tomb Raider the next critically acclaimed game by Crystal Dynamics that will have you on another emotional adventure with Lara Croft that's only exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 at least for a limited time. Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be releasing on the PS4 and PC in the following year of 2016. So What's the big deal with "exclusive" games nowadays

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PistolsAtDawn1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Month long DLC exclusives are pointless...a year long like TR makes a ton more sense honestly. It's long enough that people that own both consoles won't want to wait...esp for a game that already looks even if the extra year of tweeks makes it look better (assuming those don't ALSO apply to the X1 version)'s not enough to wait for. PS4-Only owners may be upset by this, but if you step back, it was a very smart move for MS. It's exclusive long enough that most gamers won't want to wait for little to no difference....and when it does hit other's right in the middle of the next holiday it'll be old news.

It may not be enough to buy a console you don't already own, but if you're already on the fence/have an X1 it's another straw breaking the camel's back

L6RD7BLU31209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I do want to get an X1 there are tons of games that I want to play on it It's just that exclusivity used to mean more to owning that console you owned back in the day. But know it's like oh Tomb Raider or what ever game it may be is exclusive to X1 or PS4 for a set amount of time, meh I could wait. I miss to old days lol.

4Sh0w1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Wow, OK so now we're gonna get a flood of articles, err pro sony blogs salty about ROTR exclusive deal.

-Fact its a 1 year deal, then its coming to ps4.
-Fact both Sony & Microsoft do exclusive & timed exclusive deals.
-Fact a timed deal like ROTR is more consumer friendly than a permanent SF5 deal, but business is business.

-A year long exclusive on consoles was a great deal for Microsoft, 300+ comments on another thread, and now a bunch of news posts, discussing/crying about it, so clearly folks want ROTR regardless if a lot of ps fans don't think it was worth it.

-Save the drama, play it on X1 first, or wait a bit and play it on PC, or wait a year play it on ps4. For adults these are 3 simple choices.

Transporter471209d ago

I think it is a horrible business decision to make it a 1 year thing. It's going to compete with UC4 during next years holidays. I mean the year thing will kill sales, but going against UC4, why? I think SE picked the wrong date to release it on the PS4.

Army_of_Darkness1209d ago

Ms is paying big bucks for this time exclusive because they expect all the tomb raider fans that have a ps4 to get an xbone! Since they know when your a big fan of something, waiting an additional year isn't going to happen...
But I already have a backlog of ps4 games, so as much of a huge fan as I was with the tomb raider reboot, I can wait for the definitive version ;-)

Rookie_Monster1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

You guys are not getting it. If you are are current PS4 owner that does not own a XB1 or have no intention of getting one, then it doesn't affect you. What it does is to sway new gamers to pick a xb1 over the holidays and the months that follows simply by having a game that you can't get anywhere else for the a set period of time. Converting some PS4 owners to get a XB1 because they love tomb Raider is a bonus and people that have both consoles already, why would they want to wait a year when they can get it now? That is what this deal is for just like any other timed exclusives that have gone before it. Heck, even the Gamecube got Resident Evil 4 as an exclusive once and that game actually made buy a CG. :)

Septic1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

One thing is clear to me; people are really pretending that this does not affect them or they don't care because, Uncharted etc but in reality, they are giving an entirely different impression on here.

A year exclusive is no where near as bad as a lifetime exclusive. What's the issue exactly ? We're not going to see calls to boycott this or another Twitter campaign are we?

MS must have paid decent money for the exclusivity term. A year is a long time. But I assume its far cheaper than a lifetime exclusive deal. I don't get this whole question of 'why reveal it now??' It's like people are trying to reach for some weird logic by asking that.

It's a timed exclusive by one year. End.

UltraNova1209d ago


What you need to finally understand is that Tomb Raider is not the system seller you made yourself believe to be!

TR does not nor will it ever have the marketing/hype chops to persuade in one or the other way undecided gamers who want to go next gen. We are not talking about Halo, Gears, Gran Turismo or Uncharted here.

Septic1209d ago


It may not be a system seller but it sure as hell as a big enough title to make people start petitions to boycott the game or a twitter campaign against the deal.

And it is still a big franchise hence all the attention it is getting.

UltraNova1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


Please spare me the usual spin. Yes TR is a big IP, no its not the system seller some desperately need it to be and yes controversial deals that divide people will always get lots of attention... yes things are that simple.

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Rimeskeem1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I agree a year of being console exclusive makes more sense but the way SE did it makes no sense now. TR is no longer going against U4 and is now launching sameday as Fallout 4. And now U4 will come out before it is on PS now. To me SE will be lucky to make the same sales the first one did. Unless TR is a complete masterpiece and a must have I don't think it's going to get sales expectations SE wants.

I'm not a sales guy but it seems this is the worst thing SE could have done with TR. ms must have put a lot of money on this.

Plus the game will come to PC in 6 months and by that time any bugs will be out and the game will be cheaper (hopefully)

Does it even have MP? (Not tapped on)

L6RD7BLU31209d ago

Yeah Microsoft will gain a little more console sales for the first year Tomb Raider comes out but if this would have stayed as an exclusive solely to Microsoft then they would have won way more people who are interested in the X1 and without a doubt there will be a X1 bundle with tomb raider included for sure.

Ezz20131209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Why now ?!

Why they didn't wait till Xbox version come out first and then announce that ?!

MasterCornholio1209d ago


That's a very good question.

I've been wondering that myself.

There is the theory that they announced this because they wanted to increase the sales of the Xbox version by getting impatient people to not wait for the PSr version.

But I have no idea by how much it would increase sales. I honestly don't see many buying an XB1 just for TombRaider. So most of the additional sales would come from multiplatform owners.

spacedelete1209d ago

i'm surprised MS let SE announce the PC and PS4 versions this early. didn't they put a clause in the contract that SE can't talk about a PC or PS4 version until Xbox version releases ?

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bmwfanatic1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@ pistols I cant wait to hear your excuse when this game sells horribly on Xbox. Im curious to how you will spin that. Better start woking on something now.

star_lancer1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Well, they won't look as foolish as people like you spinning your opinion that TR will "sell horribly". Face it, you're just a bitter hater. Funny how a game that will supposedly sell horribly is the one that you can't seem to stop talking about. So much wishful thinking.

I'd tell you to work on something new, but people like you who hope a game fails for no reason other than it's not on your system of choice are beyond hope. You're the worst kind of fanboy, and you'll never change.

bmwfanatic1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@ star your response was perfect thanks. Cant wait to repost this. Lol at you calling someone a fanboy you are one
of the biggest ms apologist. Nice personal attack to someone you never know nor will never meet very adult and mature.

star_lancer1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

So, the person who posted this yesterday is now trying to take the high road:

"@ flex bloodborne is the highest rated exclusive this year nice try though. PlayStation has a 10 million lead and growing for a reason and there is literally nothing you nor Microsoft can do about it. O yah and ps3 sold more than 360 despite releasing a year later. Check your facts next time before you look stupid. But enjoy your inferior console all you want just dont expect smarter well informed consumers to fall for it."

Repost me all you want. You've been posting the same garbage all day long. How many times have you typed the words "sell horribly" today? Sorry, but Tomb Raider is a major AAA title, it's not coming to PS4 for a year, and there's nothing you or Sony can do about it (except hate on it, which you're doing tremendously).

Septic1209d ago

Lol bmw; I see you're quick to call others fanboys when youre clearly wishing this sells badly on the Xbox One. And that last comment star lancer posted of come on. You're not fooling anyone.

maniacmayhem1209d ago

Why would anyone wish for this game to sell badly?

Are the sony fanbase so bitter and mad that they can't handle one game coming to their system for just a year?

So they have to pray and hope that Square learns a lesson, TR fails and no other game gets released on another system unless it's PS4?

Has a certain fanbase really stooped to that level?

PistolsAtDawn1207d ago

I won' will you spin it if it sells well? Don't bother answering, I don't really care...I'll be too busy playing games

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DevilOgreFish1209d ago

"Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 & PC Release Dates Revealed, So What's The Point of Timed Exclusives?"

They were trying to keep the info tight on a leash with all those PR statements in the past year. I guess the media and fan base got them to spill it this early.

fermcr1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I don't want to wait a full year to play Tomb Raider... nor will I.
I'll get a X1 bundle or wait a few months for the PC version.

This was a smart move by Square and Microsoft. Most people thought Tomb Raider would release a few months later on the PS4, now everybody knows it will be a full year, and that surprised PS4 fanboys (not in a good way). I've seen a lot of bitter comments...

kraenk121208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

It's only a holiday exclusive. It will be released for PC in the first half of 2016!

Professor_K1207d ago

OMG it the perfect day to release it on ps4 lol with UC4 coming out on that same season!!! GENIOUS LMAO

TheUndertaker851207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

...Where does it say a year? Just says 2016 and with the game releasing on Xbox near the end of 2015...

EDIT: Caught it but not in this article. All the talk of it being a Xbox exclusive and surprise surprise, it isn't no matter how you slice it. Also seems like since Xbox is receiving it first they get to be the beta testers of sorts as if the devs do what needs to be done the bugs existing for the Xbox version will be lessened with time. Not to mention since we know it's coming before it even releases on Xbox the growth has just been lessened as well.

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sammarshall1021209d ago

Well it does make the X1 holiday lineup even more attractive

Rare Replay, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War Ultimate edition, Halo 5

That is a great lineup

L6RD7BLU31209d ago

Yeah, no one can hate on that Rare Replay I'm looking at you.

Rimeskeem1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I think they are on PC as well

TR isn't on PC for 6 months and gears is known in Xbox

Bigpappy1209d ago

So is TR and Gears. Still Console exclusives.

ltachiUchiha1209d ago

1 year exclusive may not sound like much but its a big deal to die hard fans of the series especially if they dont own an xb1. I dont like these kind of deals but it does help boost sales for these corporations.

L6RD7BLU31209d ago

agreed, that it does help I'm not hating on that either I just don't like how "exclusive" games in general stay how they are being a 100% "exclusive" I guess this is just how it's going to be I gotta get that X1 sometime in the future.

umair_s511209d ago

Rottr needs to be some thing truly special in order for all of this to make sense. Needs to really be impressive like BioShock was back in 2007.

I am hopeful for Rottr it is looking to improve upon a very solid game, so lets see

umair_s511209d ago

as long as you are me date ;P

FallenAngel19841209d ago

Games cost so much to make these days that they can't afford to be completely exclusive like they were in previous generations. These times exclusives are the best alternative to increase the sales for a particular platform.

L6RD7BLU31209d ago

I guess third party developers see 100% exclusivity for that platform as a risk of losing sales hmmm.

MasterCornholio1209d ago

Depends if the additional sales that they receive makes up for developing the game on a certain platform.

A great example of this is Japanese developers and Xbox.

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