PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which Console Has The Best Exclusive Games?

We are two years into this current console generation and the debate over whether Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is the superior platform continues to rage on. Debates over hardware and online services continue, but the real deciding factor for any serious gamer should come down to one thing: the games.

Games are what it's all about, after all. Exclusive games are the experiences that define a console. One exclusive killer app can become a system seller, with people willing to spend $400 just to have the chance to play.

When you look at it that way, does the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 come out on top? Which console has the exclusive experiences gamers want to play? And it's not just about first-party titles, either. In today's gaming landscape, timed exclusives and downloadable content exclusivity also play a large role in deciding which console a potential buyer will pick up. Let's break it down.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

The One Horizon: Zero dawn is being made 4

SpaceRanger2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

The one who is known for delivering diversity in games and not overused franchises. That's my personal preference.

And I get that one of them blows their load during the holidays...good for them. But c'mon. There's 12 months in a year, not 3. I like games all year of every caliber. That's also a personal preference that 20+ million people agree with me on.

Chug2160d ago

I have a hunch we're talking about the PS4 here.

SpaceRanger2160d ago


Good hunch my friend!

xHeavYx2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Xbox,no, Playstation, no, Xbox, no, Playstation.

*someone yelling from far away*

*someone else, just waking up*

As usual, this comes down to personal preference.
Personally, I believe that Sony has always had more variety and quality when it comes down to exclusives.

DJustinUNCHAIND2160d ago

So Sony has their exclusives release in the spring.

Xbox has theirs release in the fall.

You seem to neglect FH2, MCC, SSOD, Ori which have kept players busy for a while.

Sony had nothing last fall. Sony's big releases didn't hit until Spring.

Sureshot2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

@ xheavyx
Not really sure why you're getting down voted. Most sensible comment yet.

Except for the last part, but that personal preference ;)

Gazondaily2160d ago

Xbox for me so far. The rest of 2015 is a no brainer either.

2016 is actually very interesting though. UC4 and Horizon look incredible. SF5 needs to be in my bowdeh and No Mans Sky (which might release this year) are killer titles.

The X1 however has some beast games too.

I don't think anyone can deny that both consoles don't have an enticing library of games. Both consoles are doing very well delivering some amazingly promising titles. It seems like a very healthy generation of gaming to me.

nX2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

This is mostly personal preference but I prefer the PS4 schedule currently.
Persona 5, No Man's Sky and Uncharted 4 are must-have's for me and Tomorrow Children, Disgaea 5, DragonQuest Heroes & Galak-Z look tempting as well. In between these exclusives I'll be very busy with Rocket League -> MGS5 -> Fallout 4 -> Battlefront 3 :D

Then there's hope for The Last Guardian, GT7 & Horizon in 2016 so the great games just keep on coming :)

DarXyde2160d ago


That all depends. Ori and Sunset Overdrive were indeed very solid games, but Ori isn't really long at all and Sunset Overdrive, while great, didn't take too long to get through, really.

Forza Horizon 2, totally agree. There's a lot to do there as well as MCC, but MCC has had a lot of problems where players were often left waiting to play online.

What you're ignoring from PlayStation this year however is...

Tearaway Unfolded
Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes
Tales of Zestiria
Persona 5

Every other multiplatform game that is incredibly likely to attract more gamers including...

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Mad Max
Star Wars Battlefront
Fallout 4.

From an exclusives perspective, sure, none of the games I mentioned are as popular as Forza or Halo (or even Tomb Raider), but do you know how much time you can sink into Persona games alone? I'll likely be on my first playthrough while you've already beaten Halo, Forza, and Tomb Raider. I've listed JRPGs, but that's because a lot of us PlayStation gamers really enjoy those games...which is why PlayStation prioritizes them. It's clear Xbox gamers enjoy Forza and Halo; Forza I'm all for, but I couldn't care less about Halo.

It comes down to personal taste, but frankly, I'm sure Metal Gear Solid V will be time-consuming on its own. Throw Persona 5 into the mix and I'll be very busy in the foreseeable future.

In short...nobody's starving. An RPG gamer will say "there's nothing to play on Xbox this fall" and a big AAA-budget gamer will say "there's nothing to play on PlayStation this fall"...that's exclusive, anyway. Again, nobody's starving. If you only own one console, there's still plenty to play.

freshslicepizza2160d ago

one thing is very clear, the success of the ps4 has pushed microsoft to make more efforts into the xbox one . that is a good thing no matter how hard sony fans try to make it appear the xbox one isn't a viable competitor. which ironically enough the more they talk about the system the more they show that it indeed is.

Tornado2160d ago


Totally agreed. Can confirm, persona games are really long. I've already spent 100 hours on my p4g first playthrough and I just rescued Naoto. Yeah I'm that slow but I enjoy every second of the game.

WowSoChill2160d ago

Well i prefer Xbox Exclusives, they have better Multiplayer compared to Sony's (Halo, Gears) Sony's Games are to emotional, i don't like that shit

lvl_headed_gmr2160d ago

So MS won in the better exclusives

Sony won on Indies, Japan and Timed exclusives...

Am I the only one who is scratching their head as to why the categories that Sony won in are categories nobody cares about?

Ao what if PS4 has the Japanese market. The PS4 isn't selling very good there either and I just don't understand the purpose of this category. Why should a potential console purchaser care about the Japanese market to make a decision what console they want.

Indies...seriously? Drop $400 on a console that has an over focus on indies? Stick to mobile if indies are your thing. There's more indies on mobiles and their're much cheaper.

Timed exclusive deals. Wasn't this a bad thing? When Tomb Raider was announced to be timed exclusive to XB1, the internet exploded. Death threats were handed out to the actress who voiced Lara in the game, SE and CD were harrassed and thretened...the media lashed out saying these types of deals were bad...yet its a good thing when Sony has timed exclusives? Really???

The #1 reason we choose 1 console over another are the exclusive titles and features each console provides which XB1 trumps in spades. Nobody buys a $400 console because it has a greater market share in Japan, or has timed exclusives/DLC or that it has a few more indie titles.

I think there are better categories aside from exclusives available to make a better comparision such as features, network, price etc...

SpaceRanger2160d ago


Believe me, we're all scratching out head in this article considering that MS won a section with games that have yet to come out. For all we know, the story lines could be trash. Or they could have problems that plague them for months online like MCC last year.

Like you said, people buy consoles for exclusives and features (Gaming features). Until MS actually releases exclusive games, which they haven't yet according to you since indies don't matter (I 100% think they do) they'll continue being in the back seat. And features wise, until MS implements things like game streaming outside a local wi-fi connection, anything close to SharePlay, early Netflix like game streaming on consoles-TVs-tablets-handhelds , and so on..they'll continue to stay in second.

But in regards to indies. They're the life of this industry. Indie support goes a long way. They're what eventually make AAA games late in the gen or for the next gen if they're successful in their game. Games like Journey are a prime example of how a short and beautiful game can immerse you more than any mindless alien shooter or yearly racing game. Transistor, No Mans Sky, Journey and MANY more big name hitters set the pace for innovation for future majorly funded AAA games.

ZhukNasimPog2160d ago

The console with games that have confirmed release dates.

Rookie_Monster2160d ago

Xbox one have the better console exclusives. Just my opinion of course. Short ans sweet.

grumpygamr2159d ago

Come on, you got to admit that Microsoft is making it easier for its users by releasing all their games in the same 3 month period. It is just easier to go to the store only once.

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Relientk772160d ago


The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Ratchet & Clank
Persona 5
Tales of Zestria
Dragon Quest Heroes
Deep Down
Until Dawn
Street Fighter V


PC_602160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Why do u lot take time to defend or write a whole list of games which is not even facts about being better but opinions

q8kik2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )


It's no secret that the ps4 currently has the bigger library, and better scoring/selling games.

There's your fact.

Lev19032160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

@q8kik Xbox one exclusives scored better then the ps4 games except for bloodborne.

The sales speak for theirselves.

But bigger library of the ps4 comes truh indies and not AAA titles. Which xbox ones has more.

Its all opinion. But ps4 has this year not one single triple A title coming except the remasters.

ZhukNasimPog2160d ago

Games either release dates don't count

alb18992160d ago

the last Guardian in a list of new exclusives of ps4 in 2016........jajajajajaja, you have to be alive to see some things!!!
wasn't Last Guardian one of the best exclusive of PS3 too?

343_Guilty_Spark2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Funny how you Sony guys say Microsoft relies too much on established franchises when you have:

The Last Guardian An uprezzed PS3 puzzle platformer
Uncharted 4 the 4th entry in 7 years (Halo by contrast is on the 5th main entry in 14 years).
A remake of Rachet and Clank
The fifth Persona - jRPG
Delayed Down - 3rd person dungeon game
Hellblade - another hack n slash
Until Dawn - another interactive movie
And SFV - the 50th entry in Street fighter.

So honestly that doesn't seem all that diverse to me. JRPGS that barely sell, hack n slash, 3rd person dungeon type games, interactive movies....PS4 bread and butter.

People aren't buying PS4s in droves for these type of niche games...they are buying them for multiplat games like COD, Witcher 3, Madden, etc etc.

ARESWARLORD2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Its about the games. The console is nothing more then hardware in a box. I want the New God Of War, Halo, Gears, Zelda, Tomb Raider, and would love a new F Zero and Twisted Metal. I would also love to be able to play them all on a "Master System" (sorry sega lol) so I would only have to buy one piece of hardware. Hardware is hardware, and Games are what is important.

P_Bomb2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

You seriously saying uncharted has more games in less years than halo?! I hope for your sake you're being sarcastic.

Video game names have been all over the place since forever and a day, going back and forth between subtitles/prequels/sequels/epi sodic and yes, numbering. They're all valid, just like movies and books.

Zelda link to the past, Zelda ocarina of time, AC Brotherhood, infamous second son, gears judgment, gow ascension, castlevania SOTN, super Mario world, Mario Galaxy, GTA San Andreas, GTA vice city, R&C future, metroid prime, Hitman blood money, COD black ops, splinter cell chaos theory, RE code Veronica, batman arkham city, bioshock infinite ARE ALL CANON and some of the best in their series!! Guess what, no numbers.

You saying xbox's Rise of the Tomb Raider isn't a main sequel to the last tomb raider game because it doesn't have a #2 in the marketing? All to defend halo 3 odst, halo wars, halo reach, halo mcc, halo anniversary, and the various Spartan assaults from the same scrutiny and industry standards as everyone else? Come on man.

The other games you diss are called new IPs, btw. The same thing halo was fifteen years ago.

grumpygamr2159d ago

The XBOX fanboys hate all those games. They only like HALO and Gears. Reminds me of NINTENDO fan boys. Good luck with that Microsoft. Weird how Microsoft and its console is stuck with a bunch of gullible hardware illiterate dreamers. If only the thing could do 1080p without smoking. Only Americans are impressed with underpowered hardware and pipe dreams like CLOUD, DirectX12, KINECT, HIDDEN SECRET CHIPS. Ridiculous.

I like XBOX ONE but there vocal fanbase is a bunch of morons.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2160d ago

But bad jokes aside, both consoles have good exclusives and many more coming. We all have favorites, and that's okay. Happy gaming

OB1Biker2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I agree both have good exclusives appealing to different gamers with different expectations, preference.
Please dont approve this typical fanboy war opinion piece which is totally pointless.

wellard2160d ago

Thats a completely subjective question designed for clicks and revenue. For me personally its the PS4 however for my closest friend its his Xbox One. What a silly silly question

SonofGod2160d ago

How about we wait until the games come out to see how good they actually are?

You have only seen a short glimpse of gameplay of Horizon and you people are already calling it GOTY.

showtimefolks2160d ago

That's not the way to judge any console, look exclusives are very different to each gamer. Someone may love niche Japanese rpg's while another may like a shooter like halo. Than we have stuff where gamers love single players games and others love the feeling of playing against each other online

For me personally neither Microsoft or Sony has delivered to this point. The best single player game so far has been Witcher 3 IMO.

I believe this is the new age of gaming where exclusives won't matter as much as having great 3rd party games. And to win in sales you would need those 3rd party games associated with your console marketing wise and exclusive content wise

Personally I love sony's exclusives, Sony focuses more on single player games and that's the kind of games I like playing

But under Phil spencer Microsoft is also focusing on single player games so I believe whichever console you own will give you great bang for your buck

No system launch in history of gaming has seen this much software support this early for ps4 and Xbox one

Dead rising 3
sunset over drive
drive club
infamous second son
forza 5
forza horizon
blood borne
the order 1886

3rd party titles

Gta 5
watch dogs
AC unity
Witcher 3
battlefield 4 and hardline
call of duty

Seriously this generation so far has been amazing and it's only gonna get better

Still to come in 2015

Mgs 5
mad max
just cause 3
Halo 5
forza 6
until dawn
uncharted trilogy
gears of war
tomb raider
fallout 4
assassin creed


Dues ex
crackdown 3
quantum break
uncharted 4
the last guardian

So bottom line is simple, if you have time and money buy both consoles. If you are like me where time is simply not available besides the one or 2 hours per day max than buy one console based off the exclusives. 3rd party titles will be there. And respect others for what they buy and play

Just because I like a game doesn't mean others have to like it too. And I hope as we move forward there are ZERO 3rd party exclusives for either sony or Microsoft. I truly believe 3rd party games should be on both ps4 and Xbox one along with pc at launch. 3rd party elusive cost so much so I rather that both Sony and Microsoft spend that money on internal studios

Old_Prodigy2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Off Topic:

Why is the o in "one" capitalized?

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fermcr2160d ago

"PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which Console Has The Best Exclusive Games?"


PS4 fanboys will say the PS4.
X1 fanboys will say the X1.

... and that's that.

FlexLuger2160d ago

pretty much. And everybody will swear theirs is the right opinion.

Sureshot2160d ago

Well you wouldn't keep an opinion that you yourself thought was wrong :D

MasterCornholio2160d ago

Not everyone. Only fanboys do that.

kneon2160d ago

Of course my opinion is right, it's the only one that matters.

Elit3Nick2160d ago

@FlexLuger Indeed, and you only need to look at all the comments above to prove your point ;)

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Eonjay2160d ago

Exclusive don't matter. I see great games everywhere. No matter which one you chose you will still get great games...
So, the exclusive games might be nice but they don't deserve more attention than the 3rd parties.

Aenea2160d ago

And there are way too many games that interest me on 1 console, if I'd buy another console it would be worse for me, haha... Ahhh, luxury problems...

avengers19782160d ago


MasterCornholio2160d ago

You don't have to be a fanboy go have a preference.

Fanboys are the ones who believe that the only preference that's correct is the one that they gave.

I might enjoy PlayStations offering more but I don't disrespect people who prefer Microsofts or Nintendos lineup.

ocelot072160d ago

What about us people who have XB1/PS4/PC but prefer the PS4 lineup? Gaming fanboys?

But yer I genuinely prefer the PS4 lineup than the XB1. in 2016 only XB1 titles am really looking forward to is Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown.

For PS4 Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, Ratchet & Clank, Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn,

But that is just my opinion on the only one that me.

FlexLuger2159d ago

ocelot07 + 32m ago
"What about us people who have XB1/PS4/PC but prefer the PS4 lineup? Gaming fanboys?

But yer I genuinely prefer the PS4 lineup than the XB1. in 2016 only XB1 titles am really looking forward to is Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown. "

I dont think it makes you a fanboy if you have a favorite..everybody has a favorite. I prefer what is on xbox, But I still enjoyed bloodborne and infamous. Im still looking forward to tearaway, UC4 and horizon. But there is little else that intersts me on PS4. And online multiplayer games are an xbox thing by default for me. Thats where my friends are and XBL is all round better technically as a service than PSN. Nothing sonty do will ever change that for me. Or my clan..or my friends who have been on XBL for 5+ years.

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Black0ut2160d ago

Opinions, love 'em.

We keep seeing these flame bait articles and titles such as this one and they don't seem to stop. It's ok if one prefers one or the other consoles games, but there's no point trying to overrule peoples opinions by trying to decide which is "best". There will never be a "best". Different tastes!!

We're just going around in circles here ^_^

nX2160d ago

Noone is overruling anyone's opinion, most just respond to the article's question. Comments like yours however don't add anything to the discussion.

Black0ut2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

@NX I was clearly and evidently talking about the article that we're commenting on, did you think before you replied to me? Take another read pal. I'll give you a push in the right direction - Start with the articles title "Which console has the best exclusive games"...Opinions cannot be labelled best.

Also just added more to this discussion than you have so I'm not sure where you plan to go with such a bitter remark. Hypocrisy is alive and strong, I appreciate the example that you just gave me and the rest of the people reading these comments.

Rimeskeem2160d ago

This is literally asking for a fanboy war

Xavior_Reigns2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Well popcorn has to sell somehow right? Personally I'm sick of this nonsense as well but too many peeps enjoy the "good fight."

Come this holiday, I'll have my XBO so whatever...

Rimeskeem2160d ago

Yep, I have a PS4, PC, and Xbox One so i get the best of all worlds for the most part.

GribbleGrunger2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

We know which console has the most exclusives but who has the best is completely down to personal taste. Of course the console with the most exclusives is likely to appeal to a bigger audience and so sell more consoles.