Is Your Platformer Better than Super Metroid?

With a spate of platformers competing for your dollar, many of which stick to established formulas, one has to ask if these games make any meaningful improvements over the great games of over twenty years ago. While there's still room for great Metroidvania games and Mario-style games, making them should be left to those who believe they can surpass the gold standards of the past and set one of their own.

This article contends that it’s better, and easier, to try new things in the platforming space than try to make a game superior to the platformers of the past using the same formula.

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LaWiiG1960d ago

That's a pretty high standard to reach. I still break it out and play it every now and then. I think people forget the size of the game they made fit on such a small cartridge. Or, the size of the game in terms of exploration. Developer's only have an idea of what it is...sometimes I don't think they fully understand because of the generational gap.

brettnll1960d ago

Nothing is better than Super Metroid. ;)

Metallox1960d ago

Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission and the Prime games certainly are. The floaty physics of Super Metroid are underwhelming when comparing to the next two 2D games in the series. And the Prime games did mindblowing stuff just as Super Metroid.

The fact is, the Metroid series is near perfection.

VINNIEPAZ1960d ago

Still waiting on Nintendo to make a remake of Super Metroid. Its like they refuse too for some reason.

Metallox1960d ago

Leave it as it is. Super Metroid is still amazing and doesn't need to be remade.

VINNIEPAZ1960d ago

Sorry I want to play it with updated sound and graphics. I own the original if i want to go back

G3n3raL861960d ago

Is your waifu better than mine?!?!:D