Snoop Dogg campaigning for Xbox One backwards compatibility for his favourite 360 game

Snoop Dogg is trying to rally his 12.5 million Twitter followers and 5.8 million Instagram followers so he can play Xbox 360 American football game NCAA Football 14 on Xbox One thanks to Microsoft's new backwards compatibility model.

On Twitter the rapper said "We need. 10,000 votes," linking to an Instagram post of Microsoft's Xbox Feedback site, where fans can vote on the games they most want to see on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

When Snoop sent out the plea the game stood at 4,670 votes, it now has 5,872 at the time of writing. It's far off the numbers of the most popular games being voted for. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sits at the top of the pile with 78,000 votes, ahead of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption on 75,905 votes and fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with 70,898.

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gangsta_red2327d ago

Interesting...I guess BC is a bigger deal than a lot of folks care to believe.

Can I get a rally for Sonic All Star Racing?

OUROSMAG2327d ago

It isn't that it's a big deal, because it is. People swore up and down that it would move consoles in record numbers over the course of June..

and well you see how that turned out.

ghostface92327d ago

if the feature isnt live to everybody till the fall why would they buy it right now. Stop with the x1 hate just cause you have to pay for crappy psnow for your backwards compatibility

gangsta_red2327d ago

Really...who swore up and down that it would move record numbers in June.

I sure didn't say that.

I did say that this is an excellent feature to have and I'm really looking forward to it for a lot of my 360 games that I haven't finished yet.

n4rc2327d ago

Perhaps wait until it actually releases to the public.. Its still in beta and new customers won't get it (unless the snag an invite)

Rookie_Monster2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )


Dude, BC is not out yet so why would many XBOX 360 owners that still are enjoying their x360 console suddenly want to trade it in or get rid of it and upgrade to a XB1 until it is actually out in the Fall?

wait till the marketing blitz when MS start advertising and promoting BC when the update goes live in th Fall. "XBOX one, now playing your favorite xbox 360 games" and let xbox 360 owner trade in their old X360 console for a $100 credit towards the purchase of a XB1. Then, that is when you will see the benefit of the planted seeds of BC comes to its fruition.

tinynuggins2327d ago

Haha nobody swore up and down, don't start that.

Kribwalker2327d ago

Anyone wants a preview invite can message me and I will add you to the program

miyamoto2327d ago

So when all else fail turn to celebrities to help sell units like they did with Bieber for the original Kinect.

This is the exact opposite of what video games stand for.

Video games have established itself in the hearts and minds of gamers that turn away far and far away from the norms of American show business for a different kind of entertainment.

This freeloading of celebrity popularity is another reason that proves how shallow MS understanding of video game culture.

WitWolfy2327d ago

I bought an Xbox one thanks to the BC feature. fudge me, right?

Utalkin2me2327d ago


You don't have to pay for PSNow to play your PS3 games. All you need to do is turn your power on your PS3 on and wallah, you can play your PS3 games.

I have a little area dedicated to older systems. I don't play KI on the WiiU, i play it on the Snes. It just has the nostalgia feel to it, when you play the games on the original system. I get that's not for everybody, but i personally wouldn't have it any other way. I also understand it might be a tad bit easier to have 1 system to play them all and if you're very limited on space. But i can easily turn my PS3 on as i can my PS4.

subtenko2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Can't teach an old Dogg new tricks xD

I'll get my coat....

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lxeasy2327d ago

Sonic All Star Racing is pretty great, I'll second that

KwietStorm_BLM2327d ago

What about this story made you say it's a bigger deal than people said it was?

gangsta_red2326d ago

I think you know the answer to that or you wouldn't have commented.

S2Killinit2327d ago

I donno, if they need to advertise it using celebrities... Maybe its not that big a deal, no?

meanthyme2327d ago

Rapper mentions xbox, n4g assume said rapper is an ms employee, some real bizarre trains of thought run through these parts.

avengers19782326d ago

Well snoop has gotten lots of free stuff from Xbox. But all he's really doing is asking for his favorite games to come to XB1, after all he is a gamer. I don't see a problem here.

gangsta_red2326d ago

Was going to comment but Mean and 1978 pretty much nailed it.

I mean lets use some logic here, if MS was going to use Snoop to advertise BC, you think they would have him promote NCAA 2014??

Think about that.

S2Killinit2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

You guys really think Snoop Dog would promot ANY product without getting something in return? Trust me, celebrities are in the BUSINESS of selling their persona, they would NEVER promote anything for free. Their agent would have something fierce to say about that. A celebrity would not dilute his image rights by promoting for free. Im not just saying this, ive studied this.

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magiciandude2326d ago

Now that's Doggystyle gaming!

KwietStorm_BLM2326d ago

I asked because I don't understand why, therefore it confused or interested me. Not everyone on here is a fanboy.

gangsta_red2326d ago

There's a lot of people interested in having their older titles playable on their new systems. It was the top 5 most requested feature for the Xbox One, despite the fact that some people say no one is interested in BC for their new consoles.

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FlexLuger2327d ago

I would love to smoke a fatty and play a few rounds with uncle snoop. You just know it would be pure vibes!

bobsmith2327d ago

thought it was going to be Way of the Dogg

guitarded772327d ago

I thought maybe there was a weed smoking simulator I missed.

spicelicka2327d ago

is it just the top voted game? That's a little too little imo they shoud make like top 10 voted games otherwise it's gonna take forever.

OC_MurphysLaw2327d ago

I think the list is more of a guide for what to try and get running first.