NBA 2K16 Leaked Info: 2K Pro-Am, MyTeam, MyPark, MyCareer, MyLeague & MyGM

NBA 2K16 details for 2K Pro-Am, MyTeam, MyPark, MyCareer, MyLeague & MyGM have been accidentally leaked by the Microsoft SmartGlass app. Luckily, someone was able to take a screenshot before Microsoft took them down.


NBA 2K16 Full Soundtrack List Revealed:

kuri12878d ago

I got mad the moment I saw Rivet City Rough Riders, Old Town Flyers and Sunset Beach Ballers will be back. 2K should just get rid of the park affiliation.

NBA2KUpdates2878d ago

Yea they should just get rid of it. It divides the community.

Kappa Mikey2878d ago

They seriously need to nerf the 3 point shots in the park. Everybody and their momma's can shoot 3's

kuri12878d ago

OMG yes!!! That corner 3 is overpowered specially if you have the corner specialist badge, combine that with the stepback cheese and it's game over!

Lexiiii2878d ago

2K kinda fixed it in 'Quick Online Game' in NBA 2K15 by deducting -8 rating to the 3pt attribute of every player.

gojmgo2878d ago

Yea it's so easy to the point that players would rather shoot 3 in fast break.

kuri12878d ago

On the other hand, 2K Pro-Am is probably the new Jordan Rec Center. It's 5 vs 5 game with NBA rules. Supports 40 players playing at the same time. Sounds about right! I hope every one can with and against each other in the mode regardless of your park affiliation.

ahmexxxx2878d ago

It's a revamped game mode. 2K Pro-Am is the same as Jordan Rec Center. They do this every year. Nothing's new here.

NBA2KUpdates2878d ago

You're probably right. The game mode description didn't say anything about Jordan Rec Center.

2K Pro-Am is an improved version with NBA rules and real game sliders (The settings used for regular games, MyTEAM, etc). Unlike rec center, 2K Pro-Am looks like a separate thing similar to NBA 2K15's "The Stage".

ahmexxxx2878d ago

@NBA2KUpdates So basically it's rec center/the stage with settings of my crew mode.

natanael032878d ago

I didn't even touch MyLEAGUE and MyGM in NBA 2K15. All I care about is MyTEAM and MyPARK.

NBA2KUpdates2877d ago

MyGM looks exciting in NBA 2K16. Team Relocation, Advanced Team Building, SimCast Live, Staff Carousel, All-New Draft Lottery, All-New NBA Draft, News Ticker, Summer Leagues, 2K Hoops Summit and 3-Team Trades among other new stuff.

Saijahn2871d ago

it should all be one mode. That was my gripe last year, a lot of the core dynasty features we saw in the old games was stripped and put into MyGM so MyLeague is essectially flat and boring.

I know now to go straight into MyGM and not waste my time.

sander97022878d ago

I really hope they improved the story in this one.

NBA2KUpdates2877d ago

The story in this year's MyCareer sounds really promising. Basically, your player will start playing high school basketball and college afterwards. If your Player plays really well, he will be drafted by an NBA team.