Xbox One gets R800 price drop in SA

Prima Interactive has announced that the Xbox One will be getting an R800 price drop in South Africa.

The price drop will take effect from July 23, the firm said.

This means that the price for the Kinectless Xbox One will R5499, down from R6299.

"Thursday, 23 July 2015 is D-day. The recommended price on the Xbox One 500GB console will drop by R800. Buying the console now also brings with it the promise of access to the world's best games and the best online gaming experience,” said Ian Hepplewhite, the CEO at Prima Interactive.

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Number_92164d ago

$443 including tax. Not great but better than the $507 they had us coughing up. I have been waiting for this price drop because it means Black Friday sales (yup, it's catching on) will be even cheaper.

BlackPanther2164d ago

Doing straight currency conversions are never an ideal measure to determine if something is a good price.

Especially a currency that has dropped in value nearly half in five years.

justPhil2164d ago

S.A. has always been predominantly playstation country. This wont change that.

Team_Litt2164d ago

It doesn't have to boet. Why must everything be turned into a competition? This is good for those here in SA who have been holding on to their Xbox 360s waiting for the price drop.