Hellblade's combat feels like The Witcher 3 crossing swords with Resident Evil 4

It’s been a long time since Ninja Theory tackled an original IP (five years, for you numbers fans.) And it’s the first time it’s done so since being privy to the inner workings of Capcom’s brawler development core during the making of DmC: Devil May Cry. What has the team learned from that experience? Only one way to find out.

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Transporter473052d ago

I was hoping it was more like Heavenly Sword, but I won't judge it until I try it.

Aery3052d ago

I can't wait to try this game. I love their games and, from the premises, I'm sure this one will be pretty amazing.

PhoenixUp3052d ago

So I take it this game won't have a 2015 release

Lonnie183052d ago

What does that even mean, why compare lol?

camel_toad3052d ago

Aghh! Need a new Onimusha! Of course Capcom would likely screw it up as they have Resident Evil. Maybe it's best just left as a good memory.

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Xbox Acquired Hellblade Developer Ninja Theory for $117 Million

According to FTC filings, Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory for $117 million.

Obscure_Observer155d ago

Ninja Theory is made of very talented and passionate developers.

I´m glad that saw that studio´s potential and chose it to be part of the Xbox family!

Now under Xbox they´re AAA and has all the freedom and resources in the world to deliver amazing games for us!

Thank you Phil and Tameem Antoniades.

blackblades155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Stop slurping in public

RpgSama155d ago

He is getting out of hand lately, he took it to 11 now.

Army_of_Darkness155d ago (Edited 155d ago )


"oh thank you so much Xbox! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I bend the knee for you my lord!" 🤣🤣

Ninja theory is okay. Not great.

Elda155d ago

LOL!! That's the behavior & words from a true fanatic.

Crows90155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

The potential??? Remind us all who they've tapped their potential? What new IP are they working on???

Oh wait...that's right. They needed a cinematic story driven IP ...hellblade was well received so they bought them for peanuts.

And let's see.. what are they currently working on and to what scope compared to before??

Basically the same game but #2
Similar situation to the tomb raider sequel except this time they made this sequel a permanent exclusive.

Knushwood Butt155d ago

Maybe Bleeding Edge was the potential.

Crows90155d ago


Oh crap you're right. Lol that thing was definitely a result of the Microsoft acquisition.

4Sh0w155d ago

Ninja Theory has alot of potential, but Hellblade 2 needs more action gameplay before I get excited. They did well with Heavenly Sword & DMC games so hopefully we'll see a full blown new action IP from them after H2.

Crows90155d ago


Just imagine what they could do...people falsely claiming hellblade 2 is like god of war...Heavenly sword, which was a playstation exclusive, was more in competition with god of war.

Obscure_Observer154d ago

"Oh wait...that's right. They needed a cinematic story driven IP ...hellblade was well received so they bought them for peanuts."

MS paid $117 million for Ninja Theory which at the time was an indie studio made of only 20 people.

Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac which at the time were made of 400 employees.

That was a steal! Lol!

"And let's see.. what are they currently working on and to what scope compared to before??"

The original Hellblade was developed and produced by only 20 people (Melinda included).

As an Xbox first party studio, Ninja Theory has now 200+ employees and Hellblade II will be full AAA game powered by UE5. In term of scope, the original Hellblade only features only small areas to explore, while in Hellblade II gamers will be allowed to explore all areas of Iceland.

"Basically the same game but #2"

Lol. You´re in for a major shock! XD

Crows90154d ago


There will be shock...but It think itll be all over you.
The same but number 2 wasnt meant as an insult. I liked the first one..so I know I'll like the second. You probably didnt care for the first one for a couple of reasons.

1. They were you referred to it as a small indie game
2. It wasnt an xbox exclusive

Youll be in shock when its pretty much the same but number 2. Number 2 of any game is ALWAYS bigger.
God of War Ragnarok is essentally God of War but number 2. Same kind of game but bigger in scope.

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neutralgamer1992155d ago (Edited 155d ago )


You really think he gives a damn about you or me thanking him? Seriously man does it not bother you at all that you are such a huge fanboy of Xbox and your comments come across like cult members

Be a gamer for gaming these corporations don’t care about any of us. We are dollar signs to them

On topic

I am glad for NT because their last game they struggled so much just to complete it and companies even provided equipment just for them to get the work done. Now they have peace of mind with resources they need. Hopefully they can naturally grow into a bigger studio and make some amazing games

Godmars290155d ago

They're mid tier devs at best. Failed to nail one of their biggest shots with Heavenly Sword, went way over their weight limit with DMC: DmC, and got lucky with apparent one-shot, B title Hellbalde. Which MS expects them to make into a franchise?

I'll just wait for the first "Hellbalde better than GOW" article. Cause that's going to be fun...

4Sh0w155d ago

Salt, Salt, Salt is basically all you said.

Vengeance1138155d ago

Mid developer remains mid lol Wake me up when they actually put out something half decent haha

porkChop155d ago

It's funny how no one called them mid tier until Xbox acquired them. People loved Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, Hellblade, etc, but now they're suddenly mid tier? Touch grass.

MadLad155d ago


I mean, you called it out first and you're not wrong.
DmC definitely got the shaft, yet it was successful and a good game. The closest thing they ever released to be considered "mid" was Heavenly Sword.

Lightning77155d ago

It's Bad now but great here. https://n4g.com/news/208826...

Even saying support Hell Blade because Shadow Of Wars Microtransactions.

Scroll down a little bit and you'll even see Obscures comment. He may be A hardcore Xbox fanboy but at least he's consistent here. Can't say the same in these comment sections.

155d ago
dnawesum154d ago

Deepthroat would be proud.