Dragon Quest IX To Come On Two Cartridges?

This leaked picture from the Square Enix press conference seems to point towards that!

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GTProwler4331d ago

I just imagined Sony saying: THIS IS WHY WE NEED BLU-RAY!!! just a joke, i know its cartridges, but still its funny to me.

MicroGamer4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

With two carts in the package, you'll likely be paying double what you would pay for a single cart game.

eepiccolo4330d ago

Primarily, you're paying for all the development, marketing, and so many other things that go into creating a game when you buy one, not just the cost of the physical media (the card). The hardware is a relatively small component of the game cost.

PS360WII4330d ago

Could be 40 bones but just becuase it's two carts doesn't mean it's more expensive. It's still one game.
Another note, seeing that it is 2 carts least we know it's going to be a large game ^^ I know I'm going to buy and play this one!

MicroGamer4330d ago

was because the cartridges were more expensive to develop for than CD's. When you have two cartridges in the same pack, that is a big expense. They can't sell the game for the same price as a game on one cartridge. This may be the first handheld game that sells for more than a console game.

eepiccolo4330d ago

The N64 cart packaging is much larger than the DS cart packaging, and cost more. The DS cart packaging must be much cheaper. Look around at the cost of 128MB memory sticks, which is the maximum capacity of a single DS cart; you can get them for as cheap as $8. So in bulk, I would imagine the DS cart hardware can be no more than $5. So worst case scenario is the game costs an extra $5.

Most DS games retail for either $30 or $35. So I suspect this game will be $35, with $40 being absolute tops. I think $35 is more likely, though.

PS360WII4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

However seeing that this is Dragon Quest and part of the main series it'll sell a few million copies no matter what price it is.