Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Dev Treyarch Reveals History Of Zombies Mode

The fans were always a pivotal part of the mode's success, but it almost didn't get published.

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RalphBlutawn1277d ago

The only decent thing about CoD nowadays.

breakpad1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

they re more untalented than i thought ..who pays these retards... the worst, most worthless disposal of money for Sony there..what did they think ?? Sony just let the garbages exclusive to garbage consoles

breakpad1276d ago

@objadon ...i speak for the exclusivity deal with Sony ...they just throw money to garbage developers

About30Ninjas1277d ago

Zombies was the Reason why I played BO1 for 3 years

XSpike1277d ago

History of CoD:Zombies is the same as CoD, each time its gets crazier in crazier and the less I like it.

CaptainFaisal1277d ago

I think what your trying to say is that it gets better and better every time. Kids these days use crazy as something amazing! im guessing that's what your implying here ;)